Rally of Heroes

Rally of Heroes tier1

Rally of Heroes tier2

Rally of Heroes tier3

Category Fixture
Type Base
Location Club Worlds
Tier I Free
Tier II Clubit small Clubit x2,500
Tier III Clubit small Clubit x10,000
Tier I Free
Tier II Free
Tier III Free
Fixture IDs
Key Fixture. Meet an assortment of picturesque Trovian Heroes and accept adventures to further your Club's growth.
— Item Description

The Rally of Heroes is a Base club fixture that can be placed in any club world. The Rally of Heroes allows club members spawn of Adventure Heroes using Hero Rally Points (which are present after placing the fixture). These Adventure Heroes can be managed by a Club Member with the necessary Permissions on the Adventures tab of the Club window. The Rally of Heroes Fixture cannot be upgraded or removed while Adventure Heroes are present.

Heroes can be managed at the "Adventure" tab of the club menu. There, players can see what heroes are present and their sleep schedule. Players can also pay clubits to remove or wake up a hero (Waking heroes requires that hero to be sleeping).

Only one Rally of Heroes can exist in a club can be placed when a club is level 1 or higher.


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