Gigastormer Ampress C455-Andra

One of the Gigastormer bosses, C455-Andra Proxy

Rampages are an hourly event in Trove that will allow players (Mastery Rank 10 and more) to gain Lesser Neon Caches, Sentience Shards, and Amperium and Resistor dragon egg fragments for defeating Gigastormers in the Luminopolis biome and or club worlds (using Beacons to spawn the various bosses). A Rampage alert will appear when a rampage is in session at the start of every hour (:00) (if a Dragon Challenge is not occurring) and will last for 20 minutes before time is up. There are three tiers of quests for the Rampage event, each with a reward of one Lesser Neon Cache. Every day the player is rewarded 1 Sentience Shard for the first time they complete the first stage in any Rampage.

During Dragon Day on Fridays, Rampages no longer occur at the start of every hour; only Dragon Challenges will. Instead, 6 Rampages will randomly occur at the 30 minute mark of any hour.

Rampage Objectives

Dungeon challenges involve defeating any of the three Gigastormer bosses, Titanic Tentakiller, Trojan Propagator, and C455-Andra Proxy (all of which are modeled after shadow tower bosses) which can all be found roaming in Luminopolis (Uber-3 or higher) or can be spawned using Beacons (which can be crafted at the Resistor Workbench or unboxed in Greater Neon Caches). Players must kill a certain amount of Gigastormers to reach the next tier. Points are rewarded for defeating Gigastormers (killing a Gigastormer spawned with beacons will still count towards the objective).

Once a player achieves the required amount of points in a stage, the player moves to the second stage in which a new goal is set and the point counter is reset.


Tier Points Reward
I 1 Lesser Neon Cache small Lesser Neon Cache
II 2
(3 total)
Lesser Neon Cache small Lesser Neon Cache
(6 total)
Lesser Neon Cache small Lesser Neon Cache
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