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Rarity is an indicator on equipment and gems that determines the Power Rank, stats, deconstruction value and forge cost of items, as well as how often they are obtained. The sequence of rarities is as follows; Common (Colorless), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Gold), Relic (Red), Resplendent (Rainbow), Shadow (Black), Radiant (White), Stellar (Yellow), and Crystal (Aquamarine). Each tiered rarity is better than the last, with Crystal being the best possible gear. Each item will have a colored border around their icons world drops that indicates their rarity.

Normal Gear (PvE Gear)

Common items are the basic, starter equipment for any class or placeholder items for rare Styles. They do not usually drop as objects in the world, except from specific event monsters.

  • Uber Worlds usually drop Legendary items, with a lower chance of Relic, Resplendent or Shadow items; Relic and above items are usable by characters level 10 and higher. Higher Ubers have a higher chance of dropping Relic, Resplendant and Shadow items.

Whenever equipment drops, there is a chance for Magic Find to trigger, increasing the rarity of the dropped item by one tier. This can occur in any world, and can occur multiple times on a single item, making it possible to very rarely obtain Stellar gear from killing monsters. The chance of Magic Find triggering is increased alongside your Magic Find stat.

Instead of obtaining higher rarity gear through world drops, rarity can be increased through Forging gear at the Forge. Only Shadow and higher gear can be upgraded to a new rarity.

Once a piece of gear has five stars, the next upgrade will be more expensive, typically requiring a special resource. This will upgrade the gear to the next rarity.

Modifying Stellar Gear in any way will make it untradeable. Stellar gear directly upgraded from Radiant gear will also be untradeable; only unmodified Stellar gear dropped from the world is tradeable.

Unlike Stellar Gear (before modifications) and rarities below it, Crystal Gear is untradeable and can not be upgraded from one level to another. Crystal Level 1 can not be upgraded to Crystal Level 2 and so on.


Rings do not use the standard rarity sequence, lacking the Common rarity and having Radiant Levels 1-5 and Stellar Levels 1-5 rather than a single Radiant and Stellar rarity. Their rarity also cannot be increased through forging, and the tier of ring cannot be affected by Magic Find.

  • Stone boxes always drop Uncommon rings.
  • Shard boxes always drop Rare rings.
  • Band boxes always drop Epic rings.
  • Ring boxes always drop Legendary rings.
  • Loop boxes usually drop Relic rings, with an uncommon chance of Resplendant and a rare chance of Shadow Level 1.
  • Signet boxes usually drop Resplendant rings, with a rare chance of Shadow and progressively decreasing chances of Shadow Levels 2, 3 and 4.
  • Spiral boxes usually drop Shadow rings, with a rare chance of Shadow 2 and progressively decreasing chances of Shadow Levels 3, 4, 5 and Radiant Level 1.
  • Seal boxes usually drop Radiant rings, with a rare chance of Radiant 2 and progressively decreasing chances of Radiant Levels 3, 4, 5 and Stellar Level 1.
  • Solitaire boxes always drop Stellar rings, with a rare chance of Stellar 2 and progressively decreasing chances of Stellar Levels 3, 4 and 5.

Banners (PvP Gear)

Banner rarity functions similarly to regular equipment, with higher rarities having higher stats. Rarity does not affect the powerups that can be gained from a banner; this is determined separately.

Higher rarities of banners have a lower chance of being dropped from Classic Battle Boxes.

Banner rarities have different names from other gear, and has only 5 tiers (comparing to the 14 of PvE gear), but otherwise the colors correspond to PvE gear.

PvP Gear PvE Gear
Tattered Rarity

Ragged Rarity
Battle Worn Rarity
Superior Rarity
Pristine Rarity

Rarity uncommon

Rarity epic
Rarity relic
Rarity shadow
Rarity radiant

The higher quality determines the stat pool they can pick from; bonuses are not tied to names.


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