Resistor Dominator
Category Styles
Type Costume
Group Tomb Raiser
Designer Trove Team
Mastery 70 Trove Mastery logo
Item ID
Turn your robotic foes against their overlords with these master manipulator robes.
— Item tooltip

The Resistor Dominator is a cosmetic costume that can be used on the Tomb Raiser class. It can be obtained as a rare drop from Greater Neon Caches, a random drop from Flashing Neon Caches, or crafted at the Resistor, Upgraded Resistor or Overclocked Resistor Workbenches.


Crafting Station
Resistor Workbench small Resistor Workbench
Upgraded Resistor Workbench small Upgraded Resistor Workbench
Overclocked Resistor Workbench small Overclocked Resistor Workbench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Flux small

Flux 50,000
Decoder Ring small

Decoder Ring 1
Bleached Bone small

Bleached Bone 600
Plasmium small

Plasmium 5,350
Logic Loop small

Logic Loop 5
Sentience Shard small

Sentience Shard 10
Resistor Dominator small Resistor Dominator 1
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