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Class Type Melee
Weapon Type Spear
Damage Physical
Biome Battle Arena
Class Coin small.png Class Coin
Credits 2.png 750
Raving Revenant Pack
Class ID
The Revenant is an oathbound spirit that protects the Sun Goddess' domain. A Spirit Wraith watches over you, saving you from death and joining the fight if it is able, so lure foes to you with a Bulwark Bash and destroy them with Spirit Spears and Spirit Storm.
— In-Game Class Description

The Revenant is a Melee fighter from the Prime world of Trove. This steel-plated specter sacrifices health to deal damage and defend allies.

This class is tank-oriented that uses a Spear to deal physical damage. The Revenant has a shield as a cosmetic feature that has no effect on gameplay. Similar to the Lunar Lancer, this class will have its own head feature allowing players to appear headless, though this can be changed at the Barbershop. This class does not use energy, instead using cooldowns (much like the Boomeranger), health and channeling for its abilities.


Crafting Station
Chaos Core Crafter small.png Chaos Core Crafter
Ingredient(s) Amount
Chaos Core small.png

Chaos Core 3
Flux small.png

Flux 15000
Bleached Bone small.png

Bleached Bone 200
Somber Soul small.png

Somber Soul 20
Wild Cupcake small.png

Wild Cupcake 150
50px Revenant 1


Basic Attack
RANGE: 4 Blocks
ATTACK RATE: 1.25 x Attack Speed/sec
Weapon: Spear
Stabs the foe in a forward thrust. Has a chance to trigger a taunt.
  • Move at 90% normal speed while basic attacking.
  • Doesn't damage blocks
  • Damages all enemies in a line.
Vengeful Spirits
Cooldown 75s
Vengeful Spirits
At 1 health or less, the Revenant is healed for 50% of its maximum health and spawns a Spirit Wraith that attacks nearby enemies for 40s.

Health regen is increased by 100% and physical damage is increased by 50% while Spirit Wraith is on cooldown.

Styles Spear.png Basic Attacks and Bulwark Bash.png Bulwark Bash heal for 5% of the damage done after the first attack.

Styles Spear.png Basic Attacks apply a debuff to the target for 5s, increasing damage taken from all sources by 5%. Additional attacks refresh the debuff.
  • Gives off a smoke effect on the player, indicating that the Spirit Wraith is on cooldown.
  • The Spirit Wraith deals a normal damage of 150% of the player's PD with an attack rate of 0.75 attacks per second and does a slam attack that deals 550% of the player's PD with an attack rate of 0.375 attacks per second.
  • Taking fatal damage while cooldown is active will kill the player instead of re-spawning.
  • Cooldown reduction on allies affect the cooldown and thus duration of the bonus damage, however the Chronomantic Emblem does not have any effect.
  • Daughter of the Moon's one-hit-kill attack ignores this ability.
  • Restores less health in Battle Arena.
Bulwark Bash
Cooldown 5s
RANGE: 3.5 Blocks
Bulwark Bash
Damages and briefly taunts all enemies in a cone.
Taunt Duration: 4s
  • Move at 75% normal speed while using this ability.
Aegis Assault
Aegis Assault
Bulwark Bash.png Bulwark Bash loses its cooldown and applies a stacking DoT effect which deals ??% PD per ??.
This ability modifier requires a Revenant Class Gem to be equipped
  • The first hit adds 2 stacks of the DoT debuff to enemies.
  • Every subsequent hit adds another stack, up to a maximum of 5 and refreshes the effect's duration.
  • If the maximum number of stacks is reached, a new DoT effect is created while the previous one still ticks. Upon creation of a new DoT, the first tick is missed.
  • The DoT does not trigger Vengeful Spirits.png Vengeful Spirits' healing.
Spirit Spears
RANGE: 4.5 Blocks
Spirit Spears
Damages enemies in a cone in front of the Revenant. Costs 3% of your max health to activate and 5% max health each tick. Immune to knockback while active.
  • Spears stab out from the ground, damaging foes in a cone in front of you.
  • Has no cooldown (since patch, only toggling OFF will have a cooldown) and can be toggled.
  • Move at 38% normal speed while active.
  • Capable of killing the player and triggering Vengeful Spirits.png Vengeful Spirits.
  • Can destroy grass and other plants.
Spirit Storm
Cooldown 40s
COST: 20% Max Health
Spirit Storm
A cyclone pulls foes towards the Revenant and randomly fires exploding spirit blasts, healing players for 5% of their max health and damaging enemies.
Snares all targets at the end of the ability for ??s.
cyclone radius: 3 Blocks
pull radius: 3.6 Blocks
spirit blast range: ?? Blocks
  • Players are unable to be mounted until after the ability has ended.
  • Reduces movement to 50% of the player's movement speed while active.
  • Immune to knockback while active.

Stat gain per level

Note: Revenant gets a +45% Maximum Health boost at the start without any gear/gems.

Level Physical Damage Maximum Health % Maximum Health Health Regeneration Stability
2 +10 +20 - +1 +1
3 +10 +20 - +1 +1
4 +18 +40 +3% +1 +1
5 +18 +40 - +1 +1
6 +35 +60 - +1 +1
7 +35 +60 - +1 +1
8 +50 +80 +3% +1 +1
9 +50 +80 - +1 +1
10 +50 +100 - +1 +1
11 +50 +100 - +1 +1
12 +50 +100 +3% +1 +1
13 +50 +100 - +1 +1
14 +50 +100 - +1 +1
15 +50 +100 - +1 +1
16 +50 +100 +3% +1 +1
17 +50 +100 - +1 +1
18 +50 +100 - +1 +1
19 +50 +100 - +1 +1
20 +100 +200 +3% +100 +10
21 +100 +200 - +100 +10
22 +100 +200 - +100 +10
23 +100 +200 - +100 +10
24 +100 +200 - +100 +10
25 +150 +300 - +150 +12
26 +150 +300 - +150 +12
27 +150 +300 - +150 +12
28 +200 +300 - +150 +12
29 +200 +400 - +200 +13
30 +250 +500 - +250 +14

Gameplay Strategy

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Player vs Enemy (PVE)


As a Revenant, your prime ability is to tank while healing up the damage you take. You excel at close range combat and AOE damage. All of your attacks can hit multiple enemies, including your basic attack ([M1]). Since your passive allows you to heal whenever you hit something, it is highly suggested that you use attack speed items, as this will let you heal at a more rapid rate. It is also recommended that you use max health and %max health items, as two of your abilities' damage are based of your maximum health. Physical damage is also a must, as damage in general is important. Jump, although useful for navigating the Sky Realm, is not very useful on this class in combat, as you rely on dishing out damage while you heal it all up with your basic attacks rather than dodging.

When fighting, your best strategy is to get all the enemies to attack you, then activate your ultimate ([2]), Spirit Storm. This lets you deal huge amounts of damage to enemies, letting you clear One Star Bosses and Cursed Skull Lairs with ease. Use your Spirit Spears ([1]) in combination with Bulwark Bash to deal massive damage to enemies in front of you. Your ultimate can also heal you, so chaining it with Spirit Spear, which drains your health, means that you can keep this ability on throughout your ultimate, dealing high damage to enemies trapped with the pull of your ultimate.


Revenants can play as a tank DPS for any team. Pairing up with Chloromancers will help you survive longer, as long as the Chloromancer uses its basic attack through you and/or uses Blooming Pollinators ([1]) to keep you healed throughout the battle.

Flasks and Emblems

There are a few interesting emblem combinations you can use, but it is recommended to use the Elysian Bandolier for a flask since the emblems will provide more of a use when fighting enemies.

Words of Advice: The Martial Emblem WILL NOT affect Spirit Spears or Spirit Storm abilities since they are based on Maximum Health rather than Physical Damage.
  • Valorous Vial + Chronomantic Emblem + Surestrike Emblem: This set of flasks and emblems will get the maximum damage for the Revenant. Chronomantic Emblem can be used to deal tons of damage using the class' ultimate ability more frequently.
  • Valorous Vial + Vampiric Emblem + Surestrike Emblem: This set of flasks and emblems will get the maximum damage for the Revenant. Vampiric Emblem is more useful in this case so players can also recover health based on the damage dealt. Also having the Valorous and Surestrike combination will leave players having more flasks to use.
  • Death-Defying Vial + Vampiric Emblem + Surestrike Emblem: A unique set of flask and emblem combination that will benefit from the Revenant's passive. The Death-Defying Vial will activate from the passive and the Vampiric and Surestrike will allow the player to deal massive damage and gain health in the process after activation. This combination can however hinder this class because players will end up using their Death-Defying more often when the passive activates WITH the death defying flask.


There are several Allies that can be used to benefit the Revenant.

Skill Usage

Your [M2] skill, Bulwark Bash, is a high damage ability that deals damage in a cone in front of you on a 7 second cooldown. It also taunts all enemies for four seconds, meaning they will only attack you. Chaining this with your other abilities gives you a very high damage output to large groups of enemies, which is your main directive.

The Revenant's other abilities are all very high damaging, but they do cost you health. Your Spirit Spears cost about 6% of your Maximum Health and deal damage based on the amount of Max Health you have. Be very cautious when you use your spears, as they can drain your Health very fast. It is recommended that you build Health Regeneration and Maximum Health as it will maximize damage and how much you can use it.

Your ultimate, Spirit Storm, is an amazing ultimate. It helps to counter your one main weakness, ranged enemies, by pulling them in close to you to follow up with your bulwark bash and spears, but it does cost about 30% of your max health. Be very careful when you trigger your ultimate at low health, as this may activate you passive, Vengeful Spirits. This health reduction penalty is negated, however, by the small blasts of the ultimate that heal you and allies, and damage enemies. Your speed is reduced by half, so a good strategy when you use it is to clump the enemies near you so they take the full force of the ultimate.

Beware of

Ranged enemies: Ranged enemies are the the one weakness that the Revenant has, but this can be negated by your ultimate, which pulls enemies towards you. You want to get as close to them as possible so you can deal the most damage you can and get rid of them quickly, or they may hurt you in the long run.

Player vs Player (PvP)

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Revenants can play out in different ways depending on the gamemode, although it requires patience. This class has the lowest Movement Speed out of all the classes, but can deal tons of damage. Revenants excel at close range combat and AOE damage. All of the Revenant's attacks can hit multiple enemies, including your basic attack (M1). Since the Bulwark Bash and Spirit Spears have a good range and high damage, it is recommended to use these attacks more frequently that other moves since other players will be mostly mobile and aware of attacks like the basic attack and Spirit Storm. Most players will perish from 3-5 attacks using Bulwark Bash and/or Spirit Spears (double for enemy Revenants).



Capture the Flag


Team Deathmatch



Banner pole tank 1.png Tank Banner Banner pole all rounder 1.png All Rounder

Stats: % Maximum Health or Physical/Magic Damage

Strategies when Facing

  • Melee Players: Revenants can put up a good fight when dealing with their own physical counterparts. Some classes do require the player to recognize certain movements the player makes to counteract with attacks that can defeat the player.
  • Knight - Knight is overall a large counter to revenant. Their abilities to instantly heal and nullify incoming damage with their ultimate (Iron Will), being able to get away from fights using their skill 1 (Charge) and stun with M2 (Smash) can easily make this class a nightmare to go up against. More skilled Knights can easily deal with Revenants, so approach a Knight with caution.
  • Dracolyte -
  • Neon Ninja -
  • Candy Barbarian -
  • Pirate Captain -
  • Boomeranger (Sword) -
  • Tomb Raiser -
  • Lunar Lancer -
  • Ranged Players : Because of Revenant's slow movement speed, you are likely to be easily targeted. Some are more difficult to handle while some require patience.
  • Gunslinger - Gunslingers can avoid battle while dealing damage in the air. Without any help with abilities to nullify any gunslinger, it will be difficult to fight them off. Try to dodge most of the Gunslinger's attacks while waiting for them to descend from the air to land some attacks on them. Using the Gravity Field ability from the Tank banners can easily nullify the Gunslinger's ability to jump in the air easily or move around to dodge attacks.
  • Fae Trickster - Being slow, Faes can deal more damage per hit and can knock you back with their skill 1 (Glitter Bomb), making it harder to get close. Gravity Field can slow them down, but players must avoid the high damaging attacks that Faes have due to their passive. If the Fae happens to have been damaged recently, it will be easier to approach.
  • Ice Sage - Ice Sages are already powerful enough to be feared by other players. They can put up their shields to avoid any type of damage and easily pull up another one once the first is destroyed. An Ice Sage's passive will also make you drastically slow, making you targeted for them using their ultimate ability. There is a trick to kill Ice Sages while being frozen by pulling up the Spirit Spears ability before the sage uses the ultimate; It will still damage the sage if they get in range but, this move is very risky because after the freeze is done, the player will not only take the damage the sage deals, but the damage from the Spears will also count to the excessive damage dealt.
  • Shadow Hunter - Shadow Hunter can easily become a threat with the ability to instantly kill a player using their ultimate (Arrow of the Goddess) as well as a high damaging M2 (Radiant Arrow, if buffed using the Critical Strike ability). These attacks can either break through or activate Revenant's passive with ease, so dodging these attacks is key when going against Shadow Hunters.
  • Boomeranger (Bow) -
  • Chloromancer -


Revenant (12)
Item Description Obtained
Starter Revenant small.png Starter Revenant
0 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players.
Level 10 Revenant small.png Level 10 Revenant
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 10 as Revenant.
Level 20 Revenant small.png Level 20 Revenant
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 20 as Revenant.
Scion of Cygnus small.png Scion of Cygnus
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Revenant. Those of exceptional valor and nobility are chosen by Cygnus himself to watch over the Sun Goddess's domain. • Bought from the store for Credits small.png1000
Raving Revenant Pack
Candorian Praetorian small.png Candorian Praetorian
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Revenant. Throughout Candorian history, retinues the Praetorian have turned the tides of many battles. • Bought from the store for Credits small.png750
Raving Revenant Pack
Super Magical small.png Super Magical
70 Mastery points
Revenant craftable costume. The most mystical myrmidon magic ever did make. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Guardian Golem small.png Guardian Golem
70 Mastery points
Revenant craftable costume. An ancient automaton, tasked with guarding its creator's lab from intruders and interlopers. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Workshop Watcher small.png Workshop Watcher
70 Mastery points
Revenant craftable costume. Perfect for apportioning an army of soldiers from a moonlit cemetery. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Chrono Construct small.png Chrono Construct
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Revenant. A timeless automaton tasked with taking the battle to the enemy's doorstep. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Shadowmoon Shieldmaster small.png Shadowmoon Shieldmaster
175 Mastery points
A rare lunar Revenant Costume. Perfect for those who take a stand against the darkness. • Bought from the Shadowy Market
Mk X Spirit Armor small.png Mk X Spirit Armor
35 Mastery points
A costume for the Revenant. Fight for the future with this maxed-out mechanized armour. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Snowpeak Sentinel small.png Snowpeak Sentinel A costume for the Revenant. Patrol Permafrost for danger in this snug and stylish suit of fur-lined armor. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.



  • Corrected certain Revenant Class Gems descriptions to remove the incorrect statement "does not taunt".
  • Increased stats gained per level from 2 to 20
  • Added new Class Gem ability: "Aegis Assault"
  • Raised attack speed cap from 200% to 300%
  • Changed Hit Point multipliers from Multiplicative to Additive.
  • Spirit Spears - Coefficient changed from 0.275 to 0.2, to account for increased hit points with addition of gems.
  • Spirit Spears - Amount of damage suffered when using this ability has been increased from 6% to 12.5%.
  • Spirit Storm - No longer scales based on hit points. Has a damage coefficient of 0.5 for the primary attack and 0.25 for the explosions. This change is required due to the huge increase in hit points available with the addition of gems.
  • Fixed the Revenant Ultimate when in Battle Arena matches (Pulls other players towards the player more efficiently).
  • Added unique sounds to the Ultimate ability for the Magical Girl skin for the Revenant class.
  • Revenant's radiant weapon aura position has been corrected (BUG).
  • Fixed bug where the VFX created by the Revenant's Bulwark Bash never disappeared (BUG).
  • Added 2 second delay to turn off "Spirit Storm" ability.
  • First Implemented
  • Released
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