Category Ally
Type Cat
Group Seasonal
Stat 1 + 3 Jump
Stat 2 + 13 Superstition
Stat 3 2.2% Health Steal (when damaging enemies)
Item ID
— Item Tooltip

Samantha is a rare cat ally that can be obtained rarely from Nightmare Mystery Box.

Samantha allows players to heal 2.2% of their maximum health every time they damage an enemy. This passive is extremely effective when used by classes who use wide conal attacks or cleave attacks (e.g. melee classes like Knight, Dracolyte, Candy Barbarian, etc.), as they can strike multiple enemies at the same time.

Prowling Shadow shares the same lifesteal passive with Samantha, only replacing + 3 Jump and + 13 Superstition with + 5 Movement Speed.

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