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Shadow's Eve is Trove's Halloween event that will be held from mid-late October to early November as an annual event. During this Holiday pumpkin patch lairs will be found throughout the Cursed Vale biome. Players will be able to farm pumpkins either by breaking them in the pumpkin patches or by crafting Pumpkin Seeds at the Gardening Bench (requires a skill of 250 to craft). With Pumpkins players can craft various event items at the Shadowy Station in the Hub.

Shadow's Eve contains many Halloween themed items, and was the debut of the Nightmare, Spookytime and Haunted Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes can be crafted at the Shadowy Station using Candy Corn (earned from Pumpkin Lairs, which can replace Lairs in any non-elemental world, as well as from defeating Todstrom, who can replace any Lair chests in the Cursed Vale) and can contain Shadow's Eve Recipes or Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chests as a common drop, one of two themed masks as an uncommon drop, and various event collectibles as rare drops. The store was stocked with a special Shadow's Eve mag rider, the Caskart. Autumn Pinatas were also added, which have a chance to drop the Autumn Pinata mount. The Autumn themed pinatas will also drop Candy Corn but only during the event.



During the year 2017, many more additions were added including the content from the past few years. A new pack will be available for players in the store called the Gourdzilla Pack. The contents of the pack are as followed: The Gourdzilla mount, Gloomy Gloaming stellar aura, and Hardened Headgourd helmet. Several items will be craftable at the Shadowy Station along with a new mount, the Mobile Mummy, and a Giant Pumpkin Pie which was a part of a new Golden Thread questline. A new craftable lootbox will also be introduced called the Haunted Mystery Box, which is very similar to that of the past Shadow's Eve lootboxes but with two new mounts, the Colossal Chiropteran and the Uncanny Coffin. Additionally, Todstrom was able to replace the chests granted by bosses in Lairs, defeating him being an additional source of Candy Corn.

The event lasted from October 24 to November 6.

Golden Thread Questline
Name Description How to get Reward
Complete Pumpkin Lairs  Trovian! It's me, Qubesly! Awaken your Drak-o-lantern and spookytime costumes - Shadow's Eve has returned and Pumpkin Lairs have risen across the landscape of Trove once more. Complete any 5 Pumpkin Lairs, found in non-elemental worlds Bound Brilliance.pngBound Brilliance x5
Craft a Haunted Mystery Box  Candy Corn: love it or hate it? I prefer to turn it into other treats! New Haunted Mystery Boxes can be found on the Shadowy Station in the Hub. Craft 1 Haunted Mystery Box at the Shadowy Station found in the Hub Chaos Chest.pngChaos Chest x10
Collect Pumpkins  Pumpkins are my favorite part of Shadow's Eve. Carved into decorations, eaten in a pie, or used to create something new at the Shadowy Station!
Pumpkins can be aquired through Gardening or from completing Pumpkin Lairs. They are also found in Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chests.
Earn 50 Pumpkins from any source, including Gardening, Shadow's Eve Adventurer's Chests, harvesting in Pumpkin Patches or from the Player Marketplace Lapis Luckbug.pngLapis Luckbug x5
Craft a Giant Pumpkin Pie  I'm throwing a Shadow's Eve Party but everyone is bringing tricks instead of treats. If you were to bake me a pie with those pumpkins you picked, I could offer you something nice in return.
A Giant Pumpkin Pie can be crafted at the Shadowy Station in the Shadow's Eve Hub.
Craft a Giant Pumpkin Pie at the Shadowy Station found in the Hub Double Experience Potion.pngDouble Experience Potion
Complete 1-Star Dungeons  Did you hear? Todstrom has shown his cowardly face again, this time in 1-Star Dungeons in the Cursed Vale!
Complete 1-Star Dungeons in any biome. Toadstrom may appear in 1-Star Dungeons in Cursed Vale during Shadow's Eve, but his trick is your treat! Defeat him to receive extra rewards.
Complete any 50 Lairs in any world Bound Brilliance.pngBound Brilliance x5
Kill Bare-Bones Skeletons in Cursed Vale  I've always liked Cursed Vale but this time of year its denizens are out in droves, especially the bare-boned skeletons. Someone needs to do something about those guys, no bones about it! Kill 200 bare-boned Skeletons in the Cursed Vale biome (clothed and armored skeletons do not count for this quest) Bound Brilliance.pngBound Brilliance x10
Kill a Dracolich in a 1-Star Dungeon  Have you ever seen a Dracolich? They reside in the Permafrost biome and horde their treasure below the ice. It is said that dispatching a Dracolich during Shadow's Eve will assure a Merry Snowfest in the future. Will you help end this celebration with a bang, Trovian? Kill a Dracolich 1* boss in a lair in the Permafrost biome Diamond Dragonite.pngDiamond Dragonite x25


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During the year 2016, many additions were added including the content from the past few years. A new pack was available for players in the store for $9.99 USD called the Spooky Swag Bag. The contents of the bag are as followed: A Dormant Pumpkin Dragon Egg, 5 mounts (Meowling Moonling, Foreboding Fowl, Bouncy Brown Bat, Bat-Boosted Broom, and Kami of Autumn's Retreat) and 4 costumes (Trovian Defender, Mermaid, S'more Sweetness, and Treasure Trovian). The Dormant Pumpkin Dragon Egg will also be available to craft in order to obtain a pumpkin themed dragon, the Drak-o-Lantern. Other new mounts were also made available to be crafted at the Shadowy Station. A new Golden Thread questline was also available for players to complete to earn the Bitten Kitten mount.

With the addition of new mounts, there is also a new lootbox that players can obtain. Players had a new Daily Loot chest for the event called the Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest. The contents of this lootbox is similar to that of the Daily Loot Chest with a new unlockable mount, the Phantataur. A new craftable lootbox was also introduced called the Spookytime Mystery Box, which is very similar to the Nightmare Mystery Box but with two new mounts, the Bouncy Black Bat and the Hyperactive Haunt.

Golden Thread Questline
Name Description How to get Reward
Shadow's Eve Event  Defeat enemies and earn prizes! Available for a limited time.  Defeat Enemies Lapis Luckbug.pngLapis Luckbug x 10
Shadow's Eve Event  Upgrade gems and earn prizes! Available for a limited time.  Upgrade Gems Empowered Gem Box.pngEmpowered Gem Box x 3
Shadow's Eve Event  Cats love boxes. Open some to unlock this event mount! Available for a limited time.  Open 100 Lootboxes Bitten Kitten.pngBitten Kitten


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During the year 2015, there are several new additions to the event. All biomes (excluding Shadow Realm, Sky Realm, and Peaceful Hills) will have Jack-O-Lantern lairs that are decorated by the community that have several themed monsters and the return of a few removed monsters. These Jack-O-Lantern lairs act like normal quests, and their chests will contain 2 Candy Corn, which can be used to craft Nightmare Mystery Boxes for Shadow's Eve themed recipes, helmets, and the rare Samantha ally.

There is also the addition of a new Lootbox called the Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chest. This was released the week of the event and acts similar to normal Adventure Boxes whereas they are dropped uncommonly through adventuring. These boxes can contain various crafting resources, forging items, pumpkins, and four rare and exclusive Shadow's Eve mounts, the Baleful Bulltergeist, the Sproingy Skull, the Skyjacked Sarcophagus, and the Pumpkin Patch Poltergeist.