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Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest

Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest

Category Lootbox
Type Daily
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Earn one of these every day during the 2016 Shadow's Eve event. Open for useful items, a chance at epic rewards, and the awesome Phantataur mount!
— Item Description

Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chests are a daily given lootbox given to players when they login during Trove's Shadow's Eve 2016 event. These chests will be given out starting at October 11, 2016. Players can obtain the chest in various ways during the week, they are given out as daily rewards and attending the score-based Leaderboard Contests.


The following are the contents of the Daily Loot Chest by rarity:

NOTE: This list is still incomplete due to this item being recently released. Please if you have any information that is not listed here, please add it here or leave a comment on this page.

Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest small Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest
Item Amount Rarity
Omni Style Surprise small Omni Style Surprise 1 Common
50px Omni Recipe 1
Water Gem Dust Box small Water Gem Dust Box 1
Air Gem Dust Box small Air Gem Dust Box 1
Fire Gem Dust Box small Fire Gem Dust Box 1
Jade Clover small Jade Clover 5-10
Glittering Horseshoe small Glittering Horseshoe 2-5
Dragon Coin small Dragon Coin 5-10 Uncommon
Lapis Luckbug small Lapis Luckbug 1-4
Minor Experience Coin small Minor Experience Coin 1
Phantataur small Phantataur 1
Super Mount Stash small Omni Mount Unlocker 1 Rare
Class Coin Non-tradable small Class Coin 1
Inventory Expander small Inventory Expander 1
Ninth Life small Ninth Life 1
Patron Coin 3 small 3 Day Patron Pass 1
Mega Pinata small Mega Pinata 1 Very Rare
Mega Dragon Coin small Mega Dragon Coin 1
Mega Chaos Chest small Mega Chaos Chest 1
Mega Flux small Mega Flux 1

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Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest small Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest
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