Shadow Colosseum
Shadow Colosseum
Type Dungeon
Designer Unknown
Biome Forbidden Shadows

The Shadow Colosseum is the only possible dungeon that can spawn in the Shores of the Everdark. Unlike other dungeons, it does not require killing a boss; instead, it has a singular Cursed Skulls, which triggers repeated waves of Shadow Invaders. To complete the dungeon, at least 3 Darknik Warbots (labeled Shadow Golems by the quest objective) must be killed, and at least one player must survive for one minute (60 seconds). After this is done, an Everdark Vault will spawn instead of the usual dungeon chest.


In one of four sides of the Colosseum, a gateway will be open, leading into a large, mostly flat area. In the center, a ring is slightly elevated, on which the Cursed Skulls are located.

There are no traps.


  • If the open doorway is covered by terrain, the ridges on the outside can be scaled instead.
    • The inside of the Colosseum is entirely flat, however; it is impossible to exit without leaving to the Hub or a club world, joining another player, or typing the /respawn command unless the player has a high Jump stat.
  • If you cannot fight the enemies for too long, it is easily possible to glide above ground level and specifically only target Warbots when they fall.


Enemy Invasion Spawn
Enemy Shadow Boot Shadow Boot Yes
Enemy Darknik Warbot Darknik Warbot Yes
Enemy Shadow Nautilus Shadow Nautilus Yes
Enemy Shadow Observer Shadow Observer Yes


  • Unlike dungeons in other worlds, Shadow Colosseums cannot be destroyed - not even by Bombs or Dragons.


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