Shadow Hunter
Class Type Ranged
Weapon Type Bow
Damage Physical
Biome Sky Realm
Class Coin small Class Coin
Credits 2 750
Class ID
The Shadow Hunter is a fearsome sniper armed with a deadly bow, razor-sharp arrows, and a whispering crystal that can see through walls.
— In-Game Class Description

The Shadow Hunter is a Ranged fighter from the heavenly sky of Trove. This class is considered to be an adept sniper from the Sky Realm's Radiant Ruins.

Shadow Hunters are best known to be long ranged snipers that are best paired with another class. This class alone can handle one-on-one combat against other enemies but will have difficulty with large groups of enemies and are best just picking off enemies one by one. His charged shot has the capability to deal massive damage as well as the ability for it to travel through walls with the help of his passive. The Shadow Hunter can also support with sun snares to stun enemies for a short period of time. His ultimate, just like his charged shot, fires a massive Arrow of the Goddess that deals even more damage than the Radiant Arrow.


Crafting Station
Chaos Core Crafter small Chaos Core Crafter
Ingredient(s) Amount
Chaos Core small

Chaos Core 3
Flux small

Flux 15000
Radiant Shard small

Radiant Shard 2000
Somber Soul small

Somber Soul 20
Crystallized Cloud small

Crystallized Cloud 1500
50px Shadow Hunter 1


Basic Attack
RANGE: 51 Blocks
ATTACK RATE: 1.04 x Attack Speed/sec
Weapon: Bow
Shoots an arrow made of pure light energy.
  • AoE damage to nearby enemies (Within 1 block of each other, the AoE can critically hit.)
  • Can damage blocks.
  • Move at 60% normal speed while shooting.
Shadow Blitz
DAMAGE: 100% / 750% PD
RANGE: 45 Blocks
ATTACK RATE: 12 Attacks/sec
Weapon: Bow
Styles Bow Basic Attack becomes a rapid-fire stream of arrows. Damaging a shadow-marked enemy consumes the mark and triggers an explosion (3x3), dealing 750% PD.
Class Gem Shadow Hunter
  • Styles Bow Gem Shadow Blitz grants 5x bonus attack speed when shooting arrows.
  • Attack Speed coming from equipment does NOT affect this class gem ability, as it exceeds the 300% attack speed cap.
  • Costumes do not change the color of the arrow (purely cosmetic).
Dark Whispers
Cooldown 5s
RANGE: 21 blocks
Dark Whispers
Periodically adds a Shadow Mark to a nearby enemy, allowing you to see them through blocks.
  • Marks the same enemy continuously if there are no other enemies.
Radiant Arrow
Energy Cost 40
DAMAGE: 200% / 750% PD
RANGE: 56 Blocks
Radiant Arrow
Fire an arrow that pierces through walls and enemies. When fully charged, it deals an additional 500% PD to shadow-marked enemies and consumes the mark.
  • No damage reduction for multiple hits.
  • Takes 0.94s to fully charge.
Sun Snare
Energy Cost 65
RANGE: 3 Block Radius
Sun Snare
Throws a trap that detonates on proximity, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.
Stun Duration: 2s
  • Fully sets up after 0.5 seconds of deployment.
  • Enemies stunned are reduced to 0 stability for the duration.
Arrow of the Goddess
Cooldown 50s
DAMAGE: ?? / ?? PD
Arrow of the Goddess
Applies a Shadow Mark to all enemies within 15 blocks (sphere) and empowers the next Radiant Arrow Radiant Arrow, increasing its damage, doubling critical damage, and causing it to knockback enemies.
  • Empowered Radiant Arrow pierces through walls but NOT through enemies and explodes upon impact (3 block radius).
  • Explosion does not trigger Shadow Mark.
  • Ability wears off after firing a Radiant Arrow or waiting longer than 8 seconds.
  • In the Battle Arena (PvP), this attack can instantly kill enemies.

Stat gain per level

Level Physical Damage Maximum Health Energy Regeneration Critical Hit Critical Damage
2 +10 +20 +1 +0.2 -
3 +10 +20 +1 +0.3 -
4 +18 +40 +1 +0.2 -
5 +18 +40 +1 +0.3 -
6 +35 +60 +1 +0.2 -
7 +35 +60 +1 +0.3 -
8 +50 +80 +1 +0.2 -
9 +50 +80 +1 +0.3 -
10 +50 +100 +1 +0.2 -
11 +50 +100 +1 +0.3 -
12 +50 +100 +1 +0.2 -
13 +50 +100 +1 +0.3 -
14 +50 +100 +1 +0.2 -
15 +50 +100 +1 +0.3 -
16 +50 +100 +1 +0.2 -
17 +50 +100 +1 +0.3 -
18 +50 +100 +1 +0.2 -
19 +50 +100 +1 +0.3 -
20 +100 +200 +5 +0.5 -
21 +100 +200 +1 +0.5 -
22 +100 +200 +1 +0.5 -
23 +100 +200 +1 +0.5 -
24 +100 +200 +1 +0.5 -
25 +150 +300 +2 +0.7 -
26 +150 +300 +1 +0.7 -
27 +150 +300 +1 +0.7 -
28 +200 +300 +2 +0.7 -
29 +200 +300 +2 +0.7 -
30 +250 +500 +4 +1 +25


Solo Play

Energy regen allows further usage of Radiant Arrow and Sun Snare, Zealous Emblem can also help keep enemies stunned frequently, perma-stunning is not energy effective so only use these when you need to. 

Build your gear based on Physical Damage to maximize DPS output. 

Only build health on Hat's 3rd stat, ths gives more room for damage and kiting stats. 

Movement speed and critical damage can aid in kiting and keeping your burst potential high, but sun snare is recommended for its stun-locking nature.

Use the high knockback of 'Arrow of the Goddess' to smash enemies into lava, the Sun Snare doubles knockback to amplify this strength.

Radiant Arrow, if not charged, can be spammed quickly until you run out of energy. This comes at reduced damage, but provides a few rapid shots that, under the right circumstances, can be useful against cannons or spinning gear boss spawns, as they take % Damage from shots, but not damage.

Otherwise it is useless and you should charge it for the maximum damage output.

A good strategy is to try and get all the enemy's in to chase you then when they are all in a bundle use the sun snare then the radiant bow then the arrow of the goddess to do tons of damage in 1 spot

Beware of:

  • Spinners - Most spinning enemies (such as beetles and power plants) gain a damage reduction effect whilst spinning, hold off using any damage burst abilities until they stop.

    To counter this, right as the animation for their spin is starting, throw down a snare, this keeps them in stasis for the same time that they would be spinning for, so they come out of the animation instantly after they aren't stunned.

  • Teleporting bosses - try to stay close to them (but either to their back or just out of their range), this will prevent allies (especially KnightDracolyte and Neon Ninja) from losing damage time after it teleports .

General Tips

  • Place your snare when the enemies get close.
  • Try and kite as many mobs as you can into one area, snare them then hit them all with an easy Radiant Arrow.
  • Always prioritize the shadow marked enemy while using snares to keep yourself from getting ambushed, attempt to position yourself to hit all enemies while aiming this way.
  • If you are doing a solo dungeon or Shadow Arena, smart managment of snares is crucial. Since it reduces enemies stability to knock enemies away from you.

Skill Usage

  • Throwing down snares can assist you with landing arrows easily.
  • Snares cost a reasonably large amount of energy. Make your snare placing count, like activating an "Activate Skulls" podium by throwing the snare into its centre.
  • Arrow of the Goddess shadow-marks all nearby enemies. Throw down a snare and try to make your Ultimate's shot count as it doesn't pierce through enemies, with this in mind - Make sure you hit a shadow marked enemy, snare them, THEN use the ultimate, Martial emblem and Surestrike Emblem on your vial (drink it) effectively doubling the damage output on that target (keep this in mind for bosses).
  • Keep at the backline and shoot out well positioned radiant arrows and snares for your team, try to stand next to ranged enemies and aim through them to hit the enemies further away - this lets you hit everyone effectively.
  • If you have enough flasks, use your Ultimate (Arrow of the Goddess) after consuming one flask to trigger your Surestrike and Martial Emblem effect. You must shoot your arrow quickly or else it will not deal much damage. Doing this can deal millions of numbers in damage!


  • Just like solo play, you can use Sun Snare to help your teammates. However, Sun Snares should only be used as a breather rather than a means to hold down enemies because enemies under the effects of Sun Snares are more susceptible to being knocked back, making it much harder for your teammates to kill the enemies.
  • Arrow of the Goddess is currently the highest damaging attack in the game when using a complete set of equipment and gems with physical damage, Critical damage, Rapt Berserker, Surestrike Emblem and Martial Emblem. This build can easily reach the multi millions of numbers in damage!
  • A simple tactic to quickly kill a Dream Monster when Shadow Hunters get 2x damage multipliers is to use Elysian Bandolier alongside the Chronomantic Emblem and Martial Emblem. Once the Dream Monster spawns, immediately use Arrow of the Goddess, and then before attacking, use your vials until the cooldown timer of Arrow of the Goddess reaches zero. Then use Radiant Arrow on the Dream Monster. In these conditions, the attack will take away roughly a fourth to a third of its health. Repeat the process until the Dream Monster is dead. This tactic can be made further effective by having an Ice Sage in your team use The Big Chill. If timed correctly, you can land 2 Arrow of the Goddess attacks on the Dream Monster, amounting almost enough to completely take away all its HP.
  • Pay attention to the Lunar Lancer's transformation, which makes their Crescent Combo fling enemies into the air - this hinders your aim so be careful as to when you fire. Another feature of this is that enemies are flung twice as high when you have Sun Snared them, which is hilarious but ineffective.
  • A good class to work with is the Boomeranger, as the Sun Snare makes it easier for them to successfully hit with their abilities, especially the boomerang.


Shadow Hunter (18)
Item Description Obtained
Starter Shadow Hunter small Starter Shadow Hunter
0 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players.
Level 10 Shadow Hunter small Level 10 Shadow Hunter
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 10 as Shadow Hunter.
Level 20 Shadow Hunter small Level 20 Shadow Hunter
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 20 as Shadow Hunter.
Relic of the Past small Relic of the Past
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. This unearthed raiment has classical stylings not seen since the great Sundering. Truly a rare find! • Bought from the store for Credits small750
Dead Shot small Dead Shot
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. No-one knows if the Shadows feel fear, but this sombre raiment shakes the resolve of the fiercest mortal foes. • Bought from the store for Credits small1000
Sharp Shooter small Sharp Shooter
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Pierce your foes with the power of music. • Bought from the store for Credits small750
Shadow Shroud small Shadow Shroud
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Shield yourself from the creeping shadow! • Bought from the store for Credits small1500
To The Nines Pack
Nut Cracker small Nut Cracker
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Fashioned after the warrior who ousted the Rat Dynasty from Candorian lands. Snowfest Pack
Modish Marksman small Modish Marksman
70 Mastery points
Shadow Hunter craftable costume. Be the envy of all your fashionista friends with these top-tailored threads. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Royal Ranger small Royal Ranger
70 Mastery points
Shadow Hunter craftable costume. Princely in stature, yet rugged as the mountains. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Amorous Archer small Amorous Archer
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Aim for the heart with this enthralling outfit, but keep an eye on what arrows you use. • Valentine Event questline.
A.M.O.K. Aimbot small A.M.O.K. Aimbot
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Everything is a target when all you have is a bow and bad code. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Rosewood Huntress small Rosewood Huntress
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Exemplary in elegance and grace, both on and off the battlefield. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Photon Phantom small Photon Phantom
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Adopt the guise of this plasma-based predator to hunt down your robotic prey in the Neon City. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Skysunder Sniper small Skysunder Sniper
35 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Wield the wrath of the heavens, and lay your foes low with thunderous fury. Mega Menagerie Pack
Anarchy Archer small Anarchy Archer
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Cut loose the bonds of sanity and unleash a volley of chaos upon your unsuspecting foes. Bought from the Shadowy Market
Nightfall Stalker small Nightfall Stalker
175 Mastery points
A rare lunar Shadow Hunter Costume. Perfect for stalking under the auspices of the Hunter's Moon. Bought from the Shadowy Market
Hallowed Shadow Hunter small Hallowed Shadow Hunter
35 Mastery points
A costume for the Shadow Hunter. Take Cygnus's blessing, and with its power bring purification to the shattered world. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.




Official Trove Shadow Hunter Class Video



  • Fix for some shadow hunter costumes not showing VFX
  • The Radiant Arrow ability now charges 30% faster.
  • The Sun Snare trap now lasts 10 seconds down from 20.
  • Fixed bug where enemies would aggro Shadow Hunter's Sun Snare.
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Hunter's Sun Snare could be hit by enemies.
  • Reduced passive cooldown by 1.5 seconds.
  • Now charges up another Radiant Arrow faster after the previous Radiant Arrow.
  • Now recovers faster after using Arrow of the Goddess.
  • The ultimate Shadow Hunter arrow sounds more ultimate
  • Shadow Hunter can no longer hunt other players with the Sun Snare ability

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