Shadowy Seal 2018

Shadowy Seal 2018

Category Item
Type Currency
Group Shadow's Eve
Item ID
A token granted during Shadow's Eve 2018. Can be used at the Shadowy Station in the Hub to craft a unique lootbox and collections.
— Item Tooltip

Shadowy Seals is an event exclusive currency that is given out during Shadow's Eve 2018. They can be obtained upon completing adventures from Booradly, Spooklia, and Skelly at the Trove Hub. They can be used to craft a special lootbox plus some event collectibles at the Shadowy Station.


Used to Craft

Shadowy Station small Shadowy Station
Result Item (Quantity)
Skelly's Treasure Box small Skelly's Treasue Box Shadowy Seal 2018 small Shadowy Seal 2018
Bewitching Howlug small Bewitching Howlug Shadowy Seal 2018 small Shadowy Seal 2018 (10)
Neon Hallowings small Neon Hallowings Shadowy Seal 2018 small Shadowy Seal 2018 (25)
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