Somber Soul

Somber Soul

Somber Soul block

Category Resource
Type Ore
Item ID
Crafting Material. Found in ore veins in Undead Hills zones.
— Item Tooltip

The Somber Soul is a rare crafting material, found only in the Undead Hills (now Cursed Vale) Biome.  Somber Souls are used to create Skully, Moulder and a few gardening recipes.  They will only spawn in veins of other ores in this zone, such as Infinium, Shapestone, and Formicite.  Most often a vein will contain only one soul, although very rarely they have more.


  • You should look for ores on the surface, but you'll have better results if you find a cave system underground or look for caves or drops on the edge of where two Biomes join.  Even if you can't find other players to gather with you, this is an effective means to find them.
  • Somber souls are a rare drop, so try not to get frustrated if it takes some time to gather the material you need.
  • The best way to farm for Somber Souls is with friends.  Gather some other Trovians who don't mind sharing and go to an Undead Hills Biome.  Once you find some ores have everyone stay nearby and you'll each get the Somber Souls that drop.  
  • If you don't have the patience to grind for Somber Souls, try finding someone to sell them to you.  Most players will be willing to do so.
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