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Weapon Dimensions

The workable area for spears is a 11x11x45 area. This is the maximum size the weapon can be.


The spear MUST be 45 voxels long from end to end. There are absolutely no exceptions to this.

Spear requirements.png

The handle of a spear has a soft requirement of a 1x1x27 "stick" which contains the attachment point.

The head of a spear must fit within an 11x11x15 area.

The base of the spear must fit within a 3x3x3 area. This will be below the shaft, and not included in the 1x1x27 length.

The shaft of the spear should ideally be 1x1x27 long to give the item length.

Attachment points for spears should be between 6-10 voxels from the bottom the 3x3 cube (9-13 from the absolute bottom).

Your weapon must be lying face down pointing down the Z axis. The blade should be vertical compared to laying across. Also Troxel models are REQUIRED for submission.

Handle size and attachment

Make sure you use only one attach point (255, 0 ,255 pink voxel) on the handle where you would like the character to hold your weapon. The attachment point should be 6-10 voxels away from the 3x3 backing area. The handle portion where the player will hold the weapon may only be 1 voxel thick for a 3 voxel length and should be around the middle of the staff.



  • A Special Hat (Construction Hat)
  • 500 Supporter Credits
  • Your character name (in-game handle) included on the items' tool-tip

Important Legal Guidelines

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