Special Robotic Salvage

Special Robotic Salvage

Category Material
Type Seasonal
Tradeable Trade emote
Item ID
An unusually robust, and seemingly wasteful, soldering technique makes these parts feel overbuilt. Removed from a power source, this won't survive long.
— Item Description

Special Robotic Salvage is a type of seasonal resource obtained during the Meteor Chase event by defeating Pound Cakes. They are used to craft the Data Projector item at the Wheel of Seasons.

Each Pound Cake will randomly drop 1 to 3 salvage when killed.

Being an event resource, it can only be obtained during the Meteor Chase event and will not be obtainable after the event is over.

Used to Craft

Crafting Station
Wheel of Seasons small Wheel of Seasons
Ingredient(s) Amount
Black Box small

Black Box 1
Otherworldly Battery small

Otherworldly Battery 1
Special Robotic Salvage small

Special Robotic Salvage 100
Unusual Meteorite Fragment small

Unusual Meteorite Fragment 100
Data Projector small Data Projector 1
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