Dungeons have a three-star rating, while lairs have a one-star rating.

Star Ratings are the difficulty ratings between quests, usually differentiated between dungeons and lairs.

Where to Find Star Ratings

When approaching dungeons or lairs in Adventure Worlds, a quest pop-up may appear on the top right of the User Interface, signaling that a dungeon/lair is nearby. These pop-ups will have stars under the quest icon, which shows the difficulty of the quest.

Differences in Star Ratings

Quests have different star ratings based on the overall difficulty of achieving your goal. There are two different star ratings:

One Star Rating

One star ratings typically involve fighting a mini-boss at the end of a lair. Quests with these ratings are normally considered easier then three-star rated quests, as they encompass a much smaller zone, have less mobs, and the end boss is not typically hard to defeat.

Three Star Rating

Three star ratings involve entering a dungeon and defeating the Master Boss of that dungeon. Quests with these ratings are considered much more difficult then one-star rating quests, as they encompass a far larger zone, have a large amount of mobs present, and the end boss may be challenging to defeat. Along with this, dungeons typically hold mini-bosses in addition to the Master Boss, which means it may be more difficult to get to the end level of the dungeon to defeat the Master Boss.

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