Player Stats

Image Stat Description
Icon damage Physical Damage The amount of physical damage your character does. This stat only works for Melee, Bow, Spear and Fist users (Knight, Neon Ninja, Candy Barbarian, Shadow Hunter, Boomeranger, Lunar Lancer, Revenant and Vanguardian). This stat is also affected by a class's damage multiplier.
Icon magic find Magic Damage The amount of magical damage your character does. This stat only works for Gun and Staff users (Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Dracolyte, Ice Sage, Pirate Captain, Tomb Raiser, and Chloromancer). This stat is also affected by a class's damage multiplier.
Icon health Maximum Health Your maximum health. When health drops to 0, you will die and then you can either wait and be resurrected by another player or press E to respawn at your cornerstone. Elysian Flasks and some abilities restore your health.
Icon magic find Maximum Energy Your maximum energy. Energy is used for abilities (except for the Boomeranger and Revenant, and most abilities used by the Pirate Captain and Tomb Raiser). Only a handful of allies can boost this.
Icon health Health Regen The rate your health regenerates every five seconds. This form of health regeneration only stops if you catch on fire or enter the Sea of Regret. Some abilities may increase the rate of restoration, such as the Lunar Lancer's ultimate ability (Blessing of the Moon).
Icon magic find Energy Regen The rate at which your energy regenerates every ten seconds (except the Pirate CaptainBoomeranger, and Revenant). Jumping disables this for approximately 2 seconds, and the Tomb Raiser's Banshee's Boon ability disables this until the ability stops.
Icon ability placeholder Stability The higher your stability, the less knockback you will receive from enemies.
Icon jump Movement Speed Increases your movement speed.
Icon damage Attack Speed The higher this stat is, the faster you will attack (except for the Dracolyte and Tomb Raiser).
Icon jump Jump The amount of times you can jump without touching the ground. This is useful when navigating the Sky Realm without the use of wings.
Icon ability placeholder Critical Hit The chance of dealing a critical attack.
Icon damage Critical Damage The bonus damage dealt on critical attacks.
Icon ability placeholder Superstition Allows you to see the ghosts of dead players during the Shadow's Eve event. Has no effect otherwise.
Icon magic find Magic Find

The higher the stat value, the higher chance to drop rare loot from monsters and chests from Lairs and Dungeons. When Magic Find triggers, it upgrades a piece of gear to a higher rarity than what is normally dropped in the player's current world. Magic find has a chance to trigger multiple times, increasing the rarity even further.

Killing any enemy can give +1 Passive Magic Find which adds to the current magic find the player has. Passive Magic Find caps at +50 - once 50 increases have been made since the last death, no further enemy deaths will raise it. Rings, gear, allies, dragon ascensions and Sunseeker Elixirs can also provide magic find. 

Current highest Magic Find Value:

Buff Magic Find
No extra buffs 3621
Sun  Seeker 3696
Lootday 3821
Sun Seeker/Lootday 3896
Patron 7242
Patron/Sun Seeker 7392
Patron/Lootday 7642
Patron/Sun Seeker/Lootday 7792

All values vary depending on how bad the internal calculations work (1-5 Magic Find + or - )

Icon lasermancy Lasermancy Increases the mining speed of your laser, with a rough estimate of 1 block mined per second per 100 lasermancy (although this varies significantly by the type of block being mined).
Icon crafting speed Crafting Speed Decreases the time it takes to craft an item.
Icon flask capacity Flask Capacity This is the maximum amount of Elysian Flask charges you can have. This is increased/decreased depending on your Flask, and you get extra Flask charges at certain mastery ranks.
Icon experience boost Experience Gain Increases the experience gained from each kill or quest, as a bonus percentage. The only known way to increase this is to get Patron status or use an experience boost bought in the shop.
Icon battle factor Battle Factor The amount of Classic Battle Boxes a player receives during the week. For details on how to obtain this, see this page.
Icon magic find Light Reduces the effect of the Darkness stat on enemies.
Icon chaos factor Chaos Factor The amount of Chaos Chests a player receives everyday. For details on how to obtain this, see this page.
Icon battle box drop rate Drop Rate (Battle Box) The time needed to obtain a Battle Box from playing Battle Arena. Reduced if the player has Patron. Not displayed in the Character Sheet.

Movement stats

Image Stat Description
Icon ability placeholder Glide More glide you have, less altitude you lose while gliding. Only given by Wings and any Mount doubled as Wings. (i.e. Adult and Legendary dragons) Not displayed in the Character Sheet.
Icon ability placeholder Turning Rate The rate players can turn their boats on water. Smaller boats usually have higher turning rates than Galleon ships. Only given by Boats or any Mount doubled as Boats. (i.e. Royal Tortoise) Not displayed in the Character Sheet.
Icon ability placeholder Acceleration More acceleration you have, the faster the boat accelerates to its maximum speed. Only given by Boats or any Mount doubled as Boats. (i.e. Royal Tortoise) Not displayed in the Character Sheet.


Image Stat Description
Icon magic find Darkness Reduces the amount of damage received. Cannot be used by players; only found on enemies on the Geode Topside.

Retired Stats

Image Stat Description
Icon damage Knockback Knockback strength. Makes your attacks send the enemy back farther.
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