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A quick note from: Brian (aka Grumpntug or Grump) the art lead for Trove™

Hello all! You've found probably one of the coolest corners of the entire internet. You're probably here because you are ready to make awesome weapons, items, dungeons, and more for Trove™ and I'm really glad you are!

However, there are posting rules that need to be followed as well as guidelines for actual item/dungeon creation which can all be found right here in this post. So please, READ ALL THIS STUFF FIRST! Get familiar with everything and feel free to ask questions on the sub-Reddit /r/TroveCreations . Welcome, and start making awesome stuff!


Also check out this post for some helpful hints

Getting Started

First, you will need to create some sweet voxel art using the voxel editor of your choice (a list of tools can be found HERE). Your creation will need to follow the guidelines laid out in the Trove™ art guide.

Please read the guides THEN ask questions!!

Our mods have been doing an amazing job of getting the wiki set up! All of the official art guides can be found here


Once you have created your item(s), you will post links to images of your work on the TroveCreations sub-reddit for the world to bring swift judgment upon your creation. This sub-reddit is also where you will receive feedback about your item(s) from the mods and myself, if I’m not busy playing with blocks at my desk. At a minimum you should include one in-game image and one in-editor image and all images should be hosted on We recommend this image hosting site primarily because your post is more likely to end up in Reddit's spam folder if you use another image hosting site.

When an item is ready for review, you must have an in game screen shot!

You may only submit a .blueprint file if your item is accepted.

We explain how to do both these things HERE

Make sure you follow these item posting rules!!!

The submission process: (flair and mods are super important). Please also note that for Dungeons and Lairs there is a separate flow.

  1. Create your submission thread and mark your flair as active. (If you aren't familiar with how to do this, once you create your post there will be a "flair" link below it. When you click that link it presents you with several flair options)
  2. You may only have one "active" submission thread at a time. The "active" statuses are active, needs review, and mod approved. You may also have one additional non-active thread at a time.
  3. You may only have one item in your "active" submission thread. It is also helpful if you use ~~ around your old links (like ~~this~~) so it is more clear what your current version is. You may also use ** around your latest links (like **this**) to make them bold.
  4. Once you feel that your submission is in a state that is ready for the Mods to review, change your flair to needs review. This will tell the Mods that you are ready for your submission to be looked at officially
  5. If you have an "active" flair thread that has had no activity for 10 days or more then we may decide to close it.

NOTE: all images must be hosted on to help prevent your post from being blocked by Reddit's spam filter.

Make sure you follow these Dungeon/Lair posting rules!!!

The submission process: (flair is super important. The flair icons). Please also note that for items there is a separate flow. 

  1. Create a new thread
  2. When you are ready to let the other users view your work in progress set your flair to DUNGEON: Active
  3. Once you feel your dungeon's art is ready for review, typically when props/decorations would be added to the dungeon, upload as many screen shots, videos, etc. as you feel comfortable doing.  The more images and videos you have the better. For this step set your flair to DUNGEON: Art Review.  This indicates that the Trove devs can assess the dungeon, or lair to make sure it matches Trove™'s style.

NOTE: all images must be hosted on to help prevent your post from being blocked by Reddit's spam filter. We also suggest that you host your videos on

The Approval Process


When the mods review your item(s), if they need more work, the mods will set your thread back to active. You may set the flair back to needs review again when you have addressed the mods' concerns.
If the mods approve your work, they will change your flair to mod approved. This indicates to the Trove™ team that your item is ready for it's final sub-Reddit review.
When the Trove™ team reviews what the mods have approved they will accept, request modification of, or reject those submissions. If your item is accepted then your flair will be changed to accepted and you should receive a private message, after a brief waiting period, letting you know your next steps.  If they request modifications your flair will be set back to active.  Once you have completed the requested changes you should set your flair back to mod approved.
After your item is accepted, or you abandon it by marking it closed, you may then start another "active" thread.
When you send your item's model to the Trove™ team, we will give a final in-house review and contact you if there are any final adjustments needed.


  1. Once the devs have reviewed the art aspects of your dungeon they will either present changes that are needed or switch your flair to DUNGEON: Design Review.  Note that you do not make this flair change, only the devs.
  2. Once your flair has changed to Dungeon: Design Review you should decorate your dungeon. The devs will ask you to send the dungeon files to them and should provide you with information on how to do so.  You should only provide them with the files once the dungeon has been decorated.
  3. Once all issues, or concerns, have been addressed the devs will set your flair to accepted and it should be added to the game shortly after that!

Rewards for Creating an Item

  • A Special Hat (shared for any weapon/decoration creation)
  • 500 Supporter Credits
  • Your character name (in-game handle) included on the items' tool-tip

Dungeon and Lair Rewards



Shadow Dungeon

*Rewards are taken based on the new system in a forum thread HERE.

Important legal stuff

Content you create and submit to Trion's Trove™ is governed by Section 5 of Trion’s Terms of Use .

By submitting any such content, you are agreeing to those terms, which include:

  • All rights regarding the submitted content belong to Trion Worlds.
  • The submitted content does not infringe upon any third party rights.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.