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Also check out Trove Forums Mod Discussion for some helpful hints.

Getting Started

First, you will need to create some sweet voxel art using the voxel editor of your choice (a list of tools can be found HERE).


Once you have created your mod, you will post images of your work as a separate thread under the Trove Forums Mod Discussion for the world to test your Mod as well as bring swift judgment upon your creation.

The Mod Discussion Thread is also where you will receive feedback about your Mod from the players and development team. At a minimum, you should include several in-game images of the mod in action by either a still PNG/JPEG or an animated GIF (mainly used for showing VFX which is entirely optional) and all images should be hosted on imgur.com.

When you are ready for people to test, you must have a link to a download a .zip folder (Containing the Blueprints/VFX and/or other assets to the mod) or a TMOD file.

We explain how to do installation and testing HERE.

New Guidelines about VFX on Mods

A quick note from: Brian (aka Grumpntug or Grump) the art lead for Trove™

Hey everyone! Trove is in full launch and on steam now which is super amazing! This means more people seeing that they can make mods, etc. which means more submissions.

Mods have become their own beast from the other creations over on reddit and we haven’t really had any guidelines for it. I’ve seen some amazing pieces come through the pipe and it’s cool to see so many dedicated players. However, when we get more and more mods, it creates more work for us to review, filter, adjust, and optimize these submissions.

We have had multiple meetings over the past year refining and changing how we handle player created content and it’s time to do the same for mods like skins, wings, mounts, etc. We are constantly trying to find a balance that allows players to make awesome stuff while still allowing developers to contribute to Trove in the way they were hired to do. Too many factors to check and tweak and suddenly developers become glorified moderators and Trove development can’t function well that way.

SO! We have decided on some basic guidelines for mods pretty much exclusively revolving around VFX. There are multiple reasons we are doing these changes that I have communicated throughout the forum in various posts so I will keep this post simple and just have the guidelines.


We will no longer be taking new textures along with wing VFX. Optimization is important for us and this is the best way to keep things smooth. Keetsie will, however, be making a library over time of new textures that can be used by you guys.

Mounts and Costumes

We won’t be taking VFX along with mounts and costumes anymore. We will be making the VFX for them in-house. You are more than welcome to make VFX if you feel it will help sell your mod and gain some hype with the player base and we may also use it for inspiration to match your intended idea but we won’t be taking the VFX along with the models.

For existing mods that haven’t been accepted yet!

We are still open to them but adjusting them to use only existing textures will GREATLY increase your chances of us picking them up.

I know some of you will feel like this could hinder some of your creativity but adjusting and optimizing player made VFX is too large a time investment for Keetsie. She is amazing at her job though and will do your mods justice, I am 100% confident in that.

Thank you all for understanding and growing with us. We’ve made lots of adjustments to player made content rules over the past year or so and it’s all part of the maturing process for us as a team and you as a modding community.

We love everything you guys do and the passion connected to that. Keep it up and as always I’m very excited to see what you create next 

Take care!


Getting your Mod accepted

Mods will be accepted based off of public opinion and the developers, however it is mostly based on the developers choosing. If the developers are interested in your creation, they message you privately through the forums, letting you know that the particular item has been chosen to be put in game. After that, you just have to agree that you want the mod to be accepted. The developers can download and extract your TMOD from there (You don't have to send anything else to them). if your mod is in a .zip format, you'll have to send all the blueprints to the developer (qb formats can be easily extracted by the developers). Then, it's a waiting game from there. It all depends on when they plan on bringing out new mounts, adventure boxes, etc. to actually see your creation in game. You have no decisions as to how the mod will be implumented into the game.

Rewards for an Accepted Mod*

Tier 1


  • 5,000 Supporter Credits
  • 50 Redeemable Codes**

Tier 2

Non-Talisman Mounts, Mag Riders, Dance Pads, and Boats (No sail)

  • 10,000 Supporter Credits
  • 50 Redeemable Codes**

Tier 3

Boat and Sail Set, Talisman Mount, and Single Asset Costume (Knight, Shadow Hunter, Fae Trickster, etc. Should include Helmet and Weapon)

  • 15,000 Supporter Credits
  • 50 Redeemable Codes**

Tier 4

Costume with pet or multiple props (Dracolyte, Tomb Raiser, Boomeranger, etc. Should include Helmet and Weapon)

  • 20,000 Supporter Credits
  • 50 Redeemable Codes**

Tier 5

Dragons or Something Epic (very unique or special mods)

  • 25,000 Supporter Credits
  • 50 Redeemable Codes**
*Any mods accepted before October 13, 2017 will receive 300 codes for anything excluding dragons. Anything after will follow the Modder Reward Revamp Reward chart.
**Codes/Items will not be granted immediately after being accepted and implemented in the game. One the item is released to the public it will be rewarded then. If the item is planned to be time-gated, there will be a delay for receiving your codes either by the number of days it takes to obtain it or when a certain percent of the player base has already obtained this item.

Special Thanks To...

Here are some people who helped out with information on this page:

  • Grumpntug (Past Lead Artist [Trove Developer])
  • Fried Sushi
  • Junebug (VFX Artist [Trove Developer])
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