Sugar Skull

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Sugar Skull

Ui skin candy sugarskull

Category Costume
Type Candy Barbarian
Designer Astrick
Store Price Credits small 1000
Item ID
A costume for the Candy Barbarian.

Crafted by a master confectioner with a soft spot for Shadow's Eve, it perfectly captures the spirit of the event.

— Store Description

Sugar Skull is a cosmetic costume that can be used on Candy Barbarian. This costume can be obtained by purchasing at the Trove Store for credits, obtained from a Costume Mystery Box, and/or buying off other players at the Player Marketplace.

This costume also unlocks the following style(s):
Sugar Skull Helm small Sugar Skull Helm



  • This costume was originally the "SkullCandy" costume mod made by the user Astrick. The forum thread can be seen HERE.
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