Summer Pinata (Item)

Ui store summer pinata 01

Category Seasonal
Type Pinata
Store Price Credits small 200 (each)
Item ID
Throw this down and smash it open to get loot for yourself and 7 random nearby people. Always contains ore, glim, or flux and very rarely contains a unique mount.
— Item Tooltip

Summer Pinata is an item only available for the duration of Summer. They cost 200 Credits per Pinata, you can buy up to 100 in one purchase. Purchasing Pinata packs are usually a better deal, and contain more pinatas for fewer Credits. Pinatas are also available in a Party Pack, which includes a Club Megaphone you can use to let others know you're throwing a party.

Summer Pinata's once thrown will spawn a Summer Pinata NPC, and once killed will drop randomized loot, this will always contain ore, glim or flux, Summer Recipes, Summer Style Surprise, and a very rare chance of dropping a unique mount called Summer Pinata.

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