Sunlight Bulb

Sunlight Bulb

Category Material
Type Gardening
Item ID
Crafting Material. Found in Peaceful Hills zone lairs.
— Item Tooltip

Sunlight Bulbs are a crafting material used in Gardening, found only in the Peaceful Hills Biome. They grow only on and around sunflower monuments, and are often guarded by flamethrowers and spikes. A high Jump skill is recommended to gather all of the bulbs from the top, and players should take care not to fall off. Each sunflower monument should have 100+ Sunlight Bulbs for you to gather, remember to search the eyes and mouth of the smiling sunflower face and underneath the dome for bulbs that are hiding.

Sunlight Bulbs are used to craft a majority of the gardening items and often require quantities of 25 or more.

Another version similar to Sunlight Bulb is Moonlight Bulb, it's currently hidden and it can be found in game's coding.