Super Mount Stash
Super Mount Stash
Category Unlocker
Type Mount
Item ID
Unlock a random dog, cat, rat, or adventure mount you don't already have unlocked.
— Item Tooltip

Super Mount Stash (previously known as Omni Mount Unlockers) are mount unlockers that can be obtained after purchasing the Collector's Pack from the Trove Store. This type of unlocker will automatically unlock any un-obtained Corgi, Cat, Rat, and/or Adventure Box Mount.


The Super Mount Stash will unlock any of the following items:

Super Mount Stash small Super Mount Stash
Item Mount Type
Pink Cookiephant small Pink Cookiephant Adventure Boxes
Blue Cookiephant small Blue Cookiephant Adventure Boxes
Eggster Bouncer small Eggster Bouncer Adventure Boxes
Chocolate Chicanery small Chocolate Chicanery Adventure Boxes
Truefire Phoenix small Truefire Phoenix Adventure Boxes
Balefire Phoenix small Balefire Phoenix Adventure Boxes
Blue Budgie Buddy small Blue Budgie Buddy Adventure Boxes
Pink Budgie Buddy small Pink Budgie Buddy Adventure Boxes
Shuffling Shrimp Nigiri small Shuffling Shrimp Nigiri Adventure Boxes
Delicious Dragon Roll small Delicious Dragon Roll Adventure Boxes
Kami of Scorched Skies small Kami of Scorched Skies Adventure Boxes
Kami of Sheltered Shores small Kami of Sheltered Shores Adventure Boxes
Prodigal Peridoter small Prodigal Peridoter Adventure Boxes
Paunchy Dragon Pup small Paunchy Dragon Pup Adventure Boxes
Giant Red Panda small Giant Red Panda Adventure Boxes
Giant Fae Panda small Giant Fae Panda Adventure Boxes
Blue Manta Ray small Blue Manta Ray Adventure Boxes
Green Manta Ray small Green Manta Ray Adventure Boxes
Giant Iguana small Giant Iguana Adventure Boxes
Giant Gila Monster small Giant Gila Monster Adventure Boxes
Frolicksome Fox Spirit small Frolicksome Fox Spirit Adventure Boxes
Crimson-Crested Crane small Crimson-Crested Crane Adventure Boxes
Pemblock small Pemblock Corgi
Pember small Pember Corgi
Zombie Pemblock small Zombie Pemblock Corgi
Pemburr, Caroling Corgi small Pemburr, Caroling Corgi Corgi
Pemborg small Pemborg Corgi
Infinium Pemborg small Infinium Pemborg Corgi
Pembarr small Pembarr Corgi
Meownt small Meownt Cat
Martial Meownt small Martial Meownt Cat
Immortal Meownt small Immortal Meownt Cat
Steam Meownt small Steam Meownt Cat
Permafrost Meownt small Permafrost Meownt Cat
Magic Meownt small Magic Meownt Cat
Mecha-Meownt small Mecha-Meownt Cat
Silvercoat Rodontodon small Silvercoat Rodontodon Rat
Rat-At-Arms small Rat-At-Arms Rat
Princess Pampellina small Princess Pampellina Rat
Quibbling Cactrat small Quibbling Cactrat Rat
Arcanium R.A.T. small Arcanium R.A.T. Rat
Glint Eatswood small Glint Eatswood Rat
Skulking Skellerat small Skulking Skellerat Rat
Permafrost Tundrat small Permafrost Tundrat Rat
Faerie Ratling small Faerie Ratling Rat
Monstrous Magmouse small Monstrous Magmouse Rat
Redberry Gummy Rat small Redberry Gummy Rat Rat
Trioptic Laser Mouse small Trioptic Laser Mouse Rat
Kami of Quiet Corners small Kami of Quiet Corners Rat
Bilgewater Buccaneerat small Bilgewater Buccaneerat Rat
Radiant Rodent small Radiant Rodent Rat
Stoic Shaderat small Stoic Shaderat Rat
Irrational Rodent small Irrational Rodent Rat
Ratty Chef small Ratty Chef Rat
Rata Pinata small Rata Pinata Rat
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