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Super Style Stash

Super Style Stash

Category Unlocker
Type Style
Item ID
Unlock a random equipment style you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Super Style Stash (previously named Omni Style Surprise) is an unlocker box that can unlock any style in the game. This is similar to the Style Surprise which is also unlock a random equipment you haven't unlocked yet. These unlocks can be dropped commonly from the Giant's Winter Chest after defeated the Winter Giant. These are also included in the Collector's Pack at the Trove Store (x100 boxes from the $20 pack).

Unlike normal Style Surprise boxes, This Super box can unlock any type of style including Shadow, Radiant, Vault, and Seasonal styles. They also have 16 stash-exclusive helmets, most shaped like animal heads, alongside the Skyfire Crown.

Exclusive Styles

Stash Exclusive Styles
Booplesnoot small
Mousekeeter small
Discount Unicorn small
Discount Unicorn
Emo Bear small
Emo Bear
Bulldog Bonnet small
Bulldog Bonnet
Furrball small
Oh Deer small
Oh Deer
Hatphibian small
Otter Topper small
Otter Topper
Pig-headed small
Cat Bandit small
Cat Bandit
Rooster Romper small
Rooster Romper
Land Shark small
Land Shark
Tiger Topper small
Tiger Topper
Ten-gallon Toucan small
Ten-gallon Toucan
Skyfire Crown small
Skyfire Crown
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