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This template is used to embed a 3D model of one of Troves .blueprints rendered by libTroxel to a wiki page.


| name= the name of the blueprint file to be rendered without the .blueprint extension
| placeholder= name of a wiki image used as a placeholder and while loading the model (defaults to Question2.gif)
| width= the width of the rendered model (optional, defaults to 200px)
| height= the height of the rendered model (optional, defaults to 200px)


| name= deco_collect_rare_bear_gold
| placeholder= Goldie Bear.png

Goldie Bear


This template can be attached with the image parameter

You can view the blueprint file's name in the Trove database website - Trovesaurus - then search for an item, press view model. After that, you go pay attention at the website link, for example is "", instead, you just copy and paste the "deco_collect_rare_bear_gold" in the name parameter.
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