The Dev Dream

The Dev Dream

Category Unlocker
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Grants a random, Dev-inspired ally you don't already have unlocked.
— Item ToolTip

The Dev Dream is an item unlocker that is given out to players by the Trove Development Team or from the "Absolute D'hevistation" Golden Thread Event. These are not common, uncommon, or rare, instead, they are like Super Style Stashes, unlocking any item the player does not already own, with an equal chance of each.

Note: It will NOT unlock Winston Wagglesworth IV as it is a special case. It can only be unlocked by Community Manager Steve "Fasti" for being a positive influence to the community.


The Dev Dream will unlock any of the following items:

The Dev Dream small The Dev Dream
Clownish Kicker small Clownish Kicker
Saratheon the Darkmoon small Saratheon the Darkmoon
Quarble small Quarble
Ticking Timepiece small Ticking Timepiece
Tufty small Tufty
Fiendish Familiar small Fiendish Familiar
Bananaphomet small Bananaphomet
Ordained Ordnance small Ordained Ordnance
Euler small Euler
Tiny Tea Rex small Tiny Tea Rex
Magical Mudskipper small Magical Mudskipper
Featured Bug small Featured Bug
The Scarlet Shrike small The Scarlet Shrike
Vintage Bunnytron small Vintage Bunnytron
Bunnysaurus small Bunnysaurus
QA Cat small QA Cat
Saucy Meatball small Saucy Meatball
Dinner Otter small Dinner Otter
Atomic Wraith small Atomic Wraith
Skittering Spacebug small Skittering Spacebug
Antisocial Hermit Crab small Antisocial Hermit Crab
Twilight Toaster small Twilight Toaster
Skope Kreep small Skope Kreep
Mickey Boo small Mickey Boo
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