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With Sunfest behind them, Trovians the world over embrace the growing mystery of the Gathering Light. This two-week event brings 9 quests and daily login rewards to celebrate what will almost certainly be a new era of light and joy that will never end probably.

The Gathering Light is an event which features 9 Golden Thread quests, having the players find Crystallized Sun Sparks in various locations, as well as fighting the forces of Shadow. It foreshadowed the following Portal to Darkness event.

It started in July 25, 2017 and lasted through August 7.

During the event, Shadow Serfs will spawn in the Permafrost and Magical Atoll biomes, Phosphage Shadows will spawn in the Magical Atoll biome and Darknik Warbots will spawn in the Neon City; killing these is required to progress through the quests, but they do not grant any unique items.

Using the Crystallized Sun Sparks earned from the quests will allow the player to craft the event-specific Sun-Touched Shimmerwing ally at the Wheel of Seasons.

List of Quests
Name Description How to get Reward
Open Boxes  You heard rumors that strange artifacts were being found, though no one knows what they are or what they're for. Open 20 boxes of any kind Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark
Acquire Golden Souls  You feel the vague urge to find Golden Souls. To what effect, you are not sure. What an odd sensation. Buy or mine 5 Golden Souls Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark
Open Chaos Chests  You have a strong sense of a paradox: that there is light... where there can be no light. You look inside one of the darkest things you can think of. Open 5 Chaos Chests Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark
Complete 1-Star Dungeons  As soon as you have three of the Crystals, you recall a half-forgotten memory about a fourth. It's in a dungeon, but... which one? And how do you know this? Complete 50 Lairs Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark
Defeat Shadows  You have a vivid image of shadowy creatures in the crisp white snow. They are searching for these Sun Sparks, and you know this should not be. You don't know why these thoughts are appearing in your head, but stopping the Shadows somewhere in the Permafrost is obviously your goal. Defeat Shadow Serfs in the Permafrost biome in Prime Worlds Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark
Defeat Armoured Shadows  You hear faint and fragmented whispers. Oddly, this feels soothing. You make out the following: 'Sun Sparks - are... me. ...Aspects ... I think - Remember more... Gather... Sun Sparks... Magical Atoll in...Drowned World - using armor - Should not - Be - Searching. Hurry...' Defeat 200 Phosphage Shadows (Drowned World, Magical Atoll, Fae Biome) Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark x5
Release a Sun-Touched Shimmerwing  With ten Sun Sparks in hand, you hear a clear, radiant voice calmly speaking inside your head. "Thank you. I've... been sleeping, I think. I can barely remember. Seek out the Wheel of Seasons in a humble hut in the Hub. I saved some ancient memories there. Speaking the words you find there will combine these fragments of me into something greater. Perhaps then I shall recall more." Craft the Sun-Touched Shimmerwing in a Wheel of Seasons (Using the 10 Crystallized Sun Sparks earned from previous quests) Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box
Defeat a Darknik Warbot  The radiant being beside you speaks with an otherworldly and pure voice, 'I remember! I used to live in the Radiant Realm. I was a part of something...greater. Long ago I fought against the onslaught of the Shadows. But at some point, I fell. The world was destroyed. Shadows now hunt for remnants of the light, but to what purpose I do not know. They have sent a great mechanical monstrosity to infiltrate Neon City. It may have information." Defeat 1 Darknik Warbot in the Neon City Double Experience Potion small Double Experience Potion
Consume a Double XP Potion  'I sensed its intent as you drew close to it. They are building something. Something big. Be prepared. Consume this when you are ready to make yourself stronger. A great threat is coming soon." Use a Double Experience Potion Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x25


For a brief time, the event ended early, lasting only through July 31. This was later corrected and the event was extended to the intended duration.

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