The Streamer Dream 2

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Category Unlocker
Item ID
Grants a random, special Streamer Dream 2 reward that you don't already have unlocked.
— Item ToolTip

The Streamer Dream 2 is an unlocker that is given via code to players by streamers. These are not common, uncommon, or rare, instead they are like Super Style Stashes, unlocking any item the player does not already own, with an equal chance of each.

Note: It will NOT unlock items that are categorized as Streamer Dream and/or Streamer Dream 3.


The The Streamer Dream 2 will unlock any of the following items:

The Streamer Dream 2 small.png The Streamer Dream 2
Mighty Mayo small.png Mighty Mayo
Proxy small.png Proxy
Sinpie small.png Sinpie
Water Box small.png Water Box
Miss Kyliee's Faerie small.png Miss Kyliee's Faerie
Coffee Muaaaaargh small.png Coffee Muaaaaargh
Beeline Feline small.png Beeline Feline
Vulpsie small.png Vulpsie
Freaky Pineapple small.png Freaky Pineapple
Wheel of Sin small.png Wheel of Sin
Dirt Jar Digger small.png Dirt Jar Digger
Naomi's Tato small.png Naomi's Tato
Gingee small.png Gingee
Raging Red Panda small.png Raging Red Panda
Flamin' Stein small.png Flamin' Stein
Plague Bearer small.png Plague Bearer
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