Titan's Treasure

Titan's Treasure

Category Lootbox
Type Shadow Tower
Golden Key NoGoldenKey emote
Item ID
Open for a random item useful for forging. Rarely contains five Megaflux Tanks.
— Item Tooltip

Previously called Shaper's Vision, the Titan's Treasure is a lootbox can be crafted from Shadowy Market for 3 Titan souls. They can also be bought for 1 Radiant Sovereign from the Radiant Merchant.


Crafting Station
Shadowy Market small Shadowy Market
Ingredient(s) Amount
Titan Soul small

Titan Soul 3
Titan's Treasure small Titan's Treasure 1


The following are the contents by rarity:

Titan's Treasure small Titan's Treasure
Item Amount Rarity
Flux small Flux 1500, 2500, 3500 Common
Flux small Flux 5000, 6000, 7500 Uncommon
Megaflux Tank small Megaflux Tank 1 Rare
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