Category Monster
Type Soul Hunter
Affinity Shadow
Primary Biome Tutorial
AI Type Todstrom
Blueprint ID
Boss wants your soul! So no struggle, this will only hurt more!
— Todstrom
Enemy Todstrom
Todstrom is a melee boss enemy that appears in the Tutorial.

During the Shadow's Eve event, he can also randomly replace lair chests in the Cursed Vale biome and drops Candy Corn in addition to the standard Lair loot when defeated.


Todstrom rapidly swings a claw he holds in his left arm towards the player to attack at close range.

He can also occasionally strike with a large club he holds in his right arm for greater damage and knockback, but with a longer warning before attacking.


Speaker Event Dialogue
Todstrom Player appearance (first world) Me take your soul to Mistress later.
Todstrom You two! Grab this one!
[Teleports away; two Shadow Henchmen spawn]
?????? Player appearance (second world) Report, Todstrom! Have you found her?!
Todstrom Yes, we caught her good. Toadie also found new soul to collect! You want?
?????? Excellent work. I must return to the Shadow Tower to proceed with our preparations.
?????? Bring that new Trovian soul to me. It will serve our purpose.
Todstrom Boss wants your soul! So no struggle, this will only hurt more!
["??????" teleports away; bars disappear and Todstrom attacks the player]
Hero Todstrom damaged [Spawns]
Trovian! Todstrom is far too powerful for you yet! Allow my assistance!
Todstrom Todstrom's health drained This not finished, Trovian!
[Teleports away]
Hero Well done! I'm sure you'll be seeing him again. For now, I must go.
[Teleports away, finishing the tutorial]


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