Travelling Club Merchant

Travelling Club Merchant tier1

Travelling Club Merchant tier2

Travelling Club Merchant tier3

Category Fixture
Type Utility
Location Club Worlds
Tier I Clubit small Clubit x1,250
Tier II Clubit small Clubit x2,500
Tier III Clubit small Clubit x4,750
Tier I Clubit small Clubit x188
Tier II Clubit small Clubit x250
Tier III Clubit small Clubit x375
Fixture IDs
Utility Fixture. Places fixture that houses a Club Merchant selling a variety of wares. Higher tier fixture Merchants have new and unique goods for sale!
— Item Description

The Travelling Club Merchant is a utility club fixture that can be placed in any club world. The Travelling Club Merchant adds in a NPC merchant for players to purchase collectible items from using their Adventurine. Club members with specific permissions can also collect daily Clubits using the Clubit Stand (which is present after placing the fixture).

Only one Travelling Club Merchant can exist in a club can be placed when a club is level 5 or higher.


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