Here are listed some rules for creating articles, editing articles, and user conduct. For the most part if you use common sense you'll do just fine, although it is recommended you read these anyway. If you have any questions or concerns, contact SkyRider3217Aethien, or Spirare on their Talk Page.

We'd just like to post a few things here for people to avoid as we've seen these problems crop up a lot and so we say it now to avoid having to keep fixing them:

  • Please do not create articles non-Trove related information.
  • Please do not create articles on items that already has an article. To avoid this, type the item's name (if nothing comes up, also try other names it might be known as) into the search box to see if the page already exists. All items at the moment (should) have their own page but some links still link to deleted pages. If that is the case, simply remove the broken link and add the proper one.
  • If you are creating a page that doesn't exist in our Wikia, do not create the page only to leave the page blank or to vandalize the page. This will make projects from our Administrators more time consuming and result in incomplete pages.
  • There are severe consequences towards those who vandalize this Wikia. Said consequences depend on the severity of the vandalism but usually result in a permanent ban.
  • Selling of any kind outside of trading (This includes gold farming) will have users permanently banned from the wiki and reported to the development team which can result in permanently banned from Trove.

Wiki Achievements

Wikia Achievements was recently enabled for this wikia and it's a great way to inspire people to contribute to the wiki and be an active participant in the wiki community. It's a good incentive for everyone to have a goal they want to meet, and it really helps get the gears turning for the wikis development, however it is not meant to be abused. Abusing achievements is when you make needless edits, or add/change content solely because you want to reach your goal, or to outrun others by being #1 on the Wiki. This kind of behavior is a reason why achievements can be counteractive to a wiki's development. To prevent people abusing the Achievements, there are some rules in regards to the badge system.

As said, do not make needless edits like any of the following:

  • Add pages with little to no content.
  • Edit the same page multiple times with VERY little edits on each edit.
  • Add multiple categories that do not fit the page.
  • Add content from another page with multiple images only to remove the edit afterwards.

Doing any of the following will get warnings, being blocked from the wikia, and possibly banned (if behavior consists).

Non-consequential tips

None of these will result in punishment if violated once but are a good idea to follow. However, if an administrator points it out to you multiple times and you do not listen, they may give you a short ban to get your attention.

  • Please refrain from using nicknames for Developers in articles.
  • Please do not talk in an article. Talk pages are there for a reason. Please use them instead of an article
  • Please do not edit another user's page. Their page is for information about them and for them to put there. If you feel that the content there is inappropriate, contact an administrator and they will handle it.
  • Please do not edit the official description of any item. Editing the description on the wiki will not change it on the site. As grammatically incorrect as it may seem, it will be originally kept until changes were made.

Chat/Comment Rules

  • Always remain civil during discussions.
  • No offensive language is allowed in chat or in the comment section of pages.
  • Do not imitate and/or harass other people.
  • Do not post codes on chat or on any page.
    • Referral Codes: As much as we understand how difficult it can be to get referrals, we do not allow people posting links or codes of any sort. This will likely spam the Talk Page and/or comments section. This can also obstruct any questions people may have about the referral program.
    • Item Codes: SELLING codes will result in a permanent ban as it is against Trion's Terms of Use Agreement (as seen in section 2 and section 12D) to sell codes for real money and/or in-game currency and can/will result in a ban from the game entirely. We are only doing this for the safety of other players.

Good Faith

Though Administrators and Moderators will enforce all rules listed above, we intend to follow the policy of good faith. This means that, in the case of offenses, we will assume the editor had the best intentions before anything else. If offenses persist, however, the involved parties will receive warnings and punishments based on the severity of their actions.

All offenses are at the Administrators/Moderators discretion. If you'd like to make a complaint about actions of other community members, please contact SkyRider3217, Aethien, or Spirare through their Talk pages and the problem will be dealt with as soon as possible.

If you'd like to make an appeal to a recent ban, suspension or punishment that you feel was unfair to you, contact the Administrators through their Community Wikia talk pages: Aethien, SkyRider3217, Spirare.

This page will keep being updated where and when necessary, so be sure to check in every once in a while to be sure you are up-to-date. If you would like to submit a rule, post, feel free to post it in this article's Talk page.

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