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Turkeytopia is Trove's Thanksgiving event that is held from November 17 to December 1 as an annual event. The Turkeytopia event features many turkey themed items, holiday recepies, and a special mounts and magriders. During this holiday event, monsters and chests will drop Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes just like normal Adventure Boxes. These boxes contain various turkey themed styles, recipes, mounts, and mag riders. Dream Gobblers will also be invading Adventure Worlds instead of the Shadow Giant.

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Turkeytopia also has some exclusive turkey store goods. During the event, players can obtain the turkey themed wings, the Wings of Unexpected Ascension. People who have previously bought credit or store packs throughout the time they played (at least to accumulate Patron Points), they can receive the wings for free at no charge.


During the 2014 event, people were able to buy Turkeytopia Mystery Box from the store using Cubits or Credits to get Turkey season items and recipes where players can also receive the exclusive Springing Turkey Mount and the Turbo Turkey Mag Rider.

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