Turtle Tank
Category Mount
Type Tortoise
Group Rare
Tradeable Trade emote
Mastery 100 Trove Mastery logo
Movement Speed 75
Movement Speed 110
Turning Rate 80
Acceleration 16
Item ID
Never trapped for long, this amphibious friend can shell any target, whether on land or at sea.
— Item Tooltip

The Turtle Tank is a mount which is dropped rarely from Troves of Wonders bought from Merchants of Marvels in Golden Vendor Ships.

This mount has a cannon on its back which can be used to shoot a cannonball to destroy blocks or damage enemies.

Like other tortoises, the Tank Turtle can be mounted on ground as well as acting as a boat on water.


The Turtle Tank is the second slowest mount in Trove, having only 75 Movement Speed, compared to the 65 Movement Speed of Slow Sebastian.

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