The Tutorial (previously known as the Lands of Learning) is a set of two worlds where new players to Trove spawn when first starting the game. It can also be accessed using the /tutorial command, as well as through the Trovian Atlas.

Both worlds consist entirely of a unique floating lair. Falling off the terrain will instantly kill the player; flying too far from the world will make the player enter the Abyss.


First World

The first world starts in a floating, curving grassy island decorated by Radiant architecture. Players have to save Qubesly from a pair of Shadow Henchmen, then head further across the land to meet Todstrom, the leader of the Shadow invasion. Players are regularly attacked by more Henchmen as they go. When confronted, Todstrom sends a second pair of Henchmen to attack the player before retreating, after which the player can pursue him using a portal.

The portal drops the player into a second island floating above the first, containing a cornerstone plot. The terrain becomes progressively drier as the player moves on. To progress, the players have to head through a cave and defeat a Shadow Bombardier inside, then escape using bombs to a second cornerstone plot. Moving forward will lead to a sun temple that ends in a portal leading to the next world.

This world is the only place where Wide-eyed Noobfish and Flameroasted Noobfish can be caught.





Second World

The second world consists of a floating island resembling Cursed Vale with an Abandoned Moon Temple in the center. Qubesly will then guide the player through the Temple until they find Todstrom conversing with someone referred to as "??????". The player then has to defeat Todstrom, with the help of a Hero.





The tutorial used to appear as a small island containing Peaceful Hills and Cursed Vale, surrounded by Sea of Regret. To exit, players had to collect 15 Shapestone to craft a Hub Portal. It was remade in the Spring Edition update to consist of a single Radiant Ruins-themed dungeon with a Radiant Specter as the boss.

It was remade a second time in the Adventures expansion, modifying it to its current state.


Lore Cubes found in an early version of the pre-Adventures tutorial contained the following lore:

“This is all that remains of the temple of the Sun Goddess…

Her Radiance once protected all realms, above and below…

The Moon grew jealous of the Sun, it was no great surprise…

A great shadow, long trapped, was now freed…

At dawn the battle began. By nightfall, it was lost…

Her Radiance knew nightfall would bring an end to everything, and so sacrificed herself and her realm…

Now you must step forth to enter the Prime Realm, join the battle, and become a beacon of light.”


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