Uber-6 Water Gem Box

Water Gem Box

Category Lootbox
Type Gem Box
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Golden Key GoldenGemKey emote
Item ID
Open for Water Gem dust, a Relic Water Gem, a Shadow Water Gem, or possibly even a Radiant Water Gem.
— Item Tooltip

Uber-6 Water Gem Boxes are a type of lootbox that contain lesser Water Gems or Water Gem Dust. They can be obtained by opening dungeon chests and killing elite enemies in Uber-6 difficulty Drowned Worlds.


The following are the contents of Uber-6 Water Gem Boxes by rarity:

Water Gem Box small Uber-6 Water Gem Box
Item Amount Rarity
Lesser Water Gem small Relic Water Gem 1 Common
Water Gem Dust small Water Gem Dust 26
Lesser Water Gem small Shadow Water Gem 1 Uncommon
Water Gem Dust small Water Gem Dust 44
Lesser Water Gem small Radiant Water Gem 1 Rare
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