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Hello, the name's SkyRider3217, but just call me sky for short. I have been a wikia contributor for several years (started at March 17, 2012 so basically nearly 4 years) creating, managing, and improving wikia sites like this one. I usually like making templates because it makes improving pages easier and less stressful... although making a template takes some time to make depending on what it is. I am currently a Admin of this wiki mainly to manage it and keep any vandalism from happening. I always have some new Ideas for this wiki and planning on new things to add to this wiki.

I have done lots of work on this wiki, some things here and there still need some work. I am just one person, it's hard enough to manage over 5k pages in this website but I strive to improve this website if anything seems off.

Trove History

I am a Trove player that goes by the same name, if you want to friend me, I will most likely accept (just let me know ahead of time). It would also be nice if you referred me using the link below of you haven't been referred by anyone else and haven't reached Mastery 20.

Refer SkyRider3217: Link

I have gotten into trove since December/January and haven't stopped since then. I have heard about this game being in beta and I enjoy playing this moreover Minecraft (cause I barely played this after *cough* Microsoft *cough*) and Terraria. This is my first MMO to be honest, I just got into it from my friends who wanted me to try it out and I am usually not the biggest fan of MMO games (because I don't play much MMO games). This game's art style was what grabbed my attention very easily. I just love Voxel/Pixel like settings and playing with that style brings back lots of good memories for me, and I am a collector so I really like just collecting such a variety of creative hats, masks, weapons, mounts, and all the other cool stuff that are designed very well. 

I am currently at Mastery 531 (currently top 20 ranking on Mastery Points in the Leaderboards) and I main the Revenant class with my power rank currently standing at 25k (currently one of the highest ranking Revenants on the Leaderboards). I plan on using other classes for DPS but haven't found any good gems to use other than my Stellars I use on Rev. I wouldn't mind helping out on leveling classes for others and doing normal or hard Shadow Towers if anyone would like to add me. If people invite me to Ultras I can get a little picky and say no sometimes.

I also made my own club called Trove Wikia and willing to invite people if they are interested in joining the club.

Trove Creations

I tend to make items for the game just for the fun (and maybe for the credits but that doesn't matter to me too much xD) I have made a few that strikes attention to other people and they have been showcased in a few of the Trove Creations Digest.

You can see what I have made HERE.


I have only made a few Mods but it has been fun making them all! I would love for people to help support these mods so that they may go in the game.

You can see what I have made HERE.

Fan Art

I tend to do fan art from time to time. I usually do this during my free time cause sometimes, you gotta have a break from making so many long edits or grinding for items in the game. Some of these works I have entered in contests just for the fun of doing fan art. Although I will never like seeing people just take my work (I've had that happen many times) so if people take my work, I'll see it and I will bring shame to them, but anyways it's my work and I enjoy it.

Personal Projects

  • Manage wiki (Admin's Job).
  • Create Mod Creation Guides.
  • Create useful templates that keep the wiki organized and make sure they work correctly.
  • Create all Models for Mounts, Enemies, or any other complex models.
  • Modify any pages that may seem out of place or need more information.

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