Verdant Veins is one of the three Chiseled Caverns that can be accessed through the green portal in the Mining Facility in the Geode - Sanctuary. It is primarily colored green, and features green-colored items and resources.

It is populated by various Cave Critters which can be cared for in exchange for Lesser Crystal Caches, Blastflowers that explode on a timer when approached, and in Tier 2 and deeper, fire flowers that shoot projectiles that emit a gas that drains player GAS and N-Charge grow on the walls. Cave Milk appears in pools on the ground, which recharges N-Charge when players touch it.

Players can enter deeper tiers in the Verdant Veins by avoiding lairs until they find an airlock marked by flashing orange LED-lights. Deeper tiers contain different resources and increased amounts of Crystals, but more fire flowers.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Path (Shade = Light) 143, 228, 223 8FE4DF Primal Green small Primal Green
- 113, 216, 210 71D8D2 Primal Green small Primal Green
- 94, 209, 203 5ED1CB Primal Green small Primal Green
Path (Shade = Dark) 53, 196, 189 35C4BD Primal Green small Primal Green
Shelf (Shade = Light) 205, 243, 146 CDF392 Primal Green small Primal Green
- 187, 240, 135 BBF087 Primal Green small Primal Green
Shelf (Shade = Dark) 160, 235, 124 A0EB7C Primal Green small Primal Green
Core (Wall) 199, 218, 130 C7DA82 Primal Green small Primal Green
Core (Indestructible) 19, 64, 79 13404F N/A
Crystal (Shade = Light) 255, 179, 0 FFB300 N/A
- 250, 164, 1 FAA401 N/A
- 255, 145, 0 FF9100 N/A
- 250, 129, 1 FA8101 N/A
Crystal (Shade = Dark) 255, 102, 0 FF6600 N/A



The following critters are indigenous to the Verdant Veins:

Critter Fresh Howlug Critter Sunkissed Froleek Critter Quizzical Qubrik Critter Curious Gleemur
Howlug Froleek Qubrik Gleemur


From Plants (Shared) From Ore Veins (Shared) From Plants (Unique) From Ore Veins (Unique) Other
Day Drop small Day Drop
Tiers 1-3
Gleamstone small Gleamstone
Tiers 1-3
Cave Kelp small Cave Kelp
Tiers 1-3
Geminite small Geminite
Tiers 1-3
Crystal small Crystal
All Tiers
Moonlit Moss small Moonlit Moss
Tiers 2-4
Builderite small Builderite
Tiers 3-5
Cogwine small Cogwine
Tiers 2-4
Chronozine small Chronozine
Tiers 3-5
Lesser Crystal Cache small Lesser Crystal Cache
from Critters
Wallflowers small Wallflowers
Tiers 4-5
Ancient Gears small Ancient Gears
Tier 5
Builder's Blossom small Builder's Blossom
Tiers 4-5
Mightstone small Mightstone
Tier 5
Glim small Glim
from non-resource plants
Bomb small Bomb
from non-resource plants


Like in other caverns, lairs spawn throughout the Verdant Veins behind plain doorways marked by signs. The end of each lair contains a large amount of resources corresponding with the tier (randomly either Crystals, Plants or Ores). Tier 2 and higher lairs can sometimes contain Bronze Companion Eggs (with higher chances of eggs spawning in higher tiers). Very rarely, Silver Companion Eggs can spawn in Tier 3 and higher (with higher chances of silver eggs spawning in higher tiers), and Gold Companion Eggs can spawn in Tier 5.

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