Vial of Minion Multiplication

Vial of Minion Multiplication

Vial of Minion Multiplication effect

Category Vial
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Doubles the effects of any equipped emblems that summon combat minions.
— Item Tooltip

Vial of Minion Multiplication is a vial which can be bought from Weaver of Wonders for 620 Fragments of Wonder on the Golden Vendor Ship. It starts with 10 charges but increases with higher Mastery. This item can be refilled at Rejuvenation Station.

When equipped along with any minion summoning emblem (such as Shadow Shrike Emblem or Sorcerous Servant Emblem) it doubles the amount of minions summoned on use, summoning 2 or 4 minions when 1 or 2 such emblems are equipped, respectively.

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