An example of a weapon. This particular weapon is of Radiant rarity, maxed forged, and was designed by the user Destral.

Weapons are items used to defeat bosses and mobs across the lands of Trove.

Weapon Classes

Weapons in Trove are class-specific, with some weapons only usable by certain classes:

Finding Weapons

Chipped Sword.png

Weapons and equipment in Trove come in several different rarities, marked by the color of their loot glow, the color of their name, and the color of their border in the inventory. The rarity of loot drops depends on one's Magic Find, and increases as the world level does, as explained below:

  • Novice World (Levels 1-3): Common Drop: Uncommon (Green) - Uncommon Drop: Rare (Blue)
  • Adept World (Levels 4-5): Common Drop: Rare (Blue) - Uncommon Drop: Epic (Purple)
  • Elite World (Levels 6-7): Common Drop: Epic (Purple) - Uncommon Drop: Legendary (Orange) - Rare Drop: Relic (Red)
  • Master World (Levels 8-9): Common Drop: Legendary (Orange) Uncommon Drop: Relic (Red) Rare Drop: Resplendent (Rainbow)
  • Uber Worlds (Levels 10+): Common Drop: Legendary (Orange), Relic (Red) Uncommon Drop: Resplendent (Rainbow) Rare Drop: Shadow+ (Black) The drop chances of Shadow weapons will increase depending on what Uber world a player is in (you can find Shadow Level 2 and higher weapons quite easily in Uber 6+).
  • Most Radiant and Stellar weapons are be obtained through Forging, but can be obtained as an item drop if a player's Magic Find is high enough (Possibly at 700 or higher).
  • Geode Topside worlds have a chance to reward with crystal gear, currently the best rarity. Crystal gear can also be crafted using Veridium and nitro in the workbench found only in geode topside. Crystal gear can go up to Crystal level 4, of which there is no other upgrades.

Weapons are obtained through opening chests or random drops from monsters. All weapon drops are randomized, and usually suited to the class that found them, but there is an uncommon chance to find a different class weapon. The majority of weapons are created by the community, with credit given at the bottom of every weapon's inventory window. You can often find weapons with stat levels and, sometimes, a double stat level.

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