Weeping Prophet
Category Boss
Type Prophet
Biome Shadow Tower
Floor 2
Room 4
AI Type Prophet
Max Life Normal: 939k
Hard: 281.7M
Ultra: 46.95M
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Weeping Prophet Trophy small Weeping Prophet Trophy Rare
Radiant Cache small Twitching Tentacle Cache Rare
Weekly Item Drops
Titan Soul small Titan Soul
Icon leaderboard st prophet normal (Normal) 1
Icon leaderboard st prophet hard (Hard) 2
Icon leaderboard st prophet ultra (Ultra) 3
This towering fiend only has eyes for you. The downside is that these eyes want to shoot blazing lasers at your face.
Titan Weeping Prophet

The Weeping Prophet is a Shadow Titan found in the fourth room of the second floor of the Shadow Tower. Defeating it rewards 1 Titan Soul when done on Normal Mode for the first time each week, 2 Titan Souls when done on Hard Mode for the first time each week, and 3 Titan Souls when done on Ultra Mode for the first time each week.

Like all Titans, it is immune to being frozen, stunned, or knocked back.


It was first hinted in the Shadow Tower preview image that was from the August 21st Trove Stream as a 3rd Tier boss. In the September 4 Trove Stream they showed off the Titan in the Shadow Tower with it's battle animations and VFXs fully completed.


(Lack of detail) The weeping seems extremely similar to the Woeful Wisdom with the eyes ripped off the Tomb Raiser skull spots


Stage 1

The Weeping Prophet starts off with basic physical attacks but has a wide range of several ranged attacks that harm players around it. Here are a few attacks it is capable of performing:

  • Tentacle Whip: Swings one of its large tentacles at the players dealing damage at close range.
  • Weeping Stains: The Prophet starts weeping shadow stained tears that harms players and leave a puddle of shadow stains for a few seconds (AoE damage).
  • Prophet Eye Spawns: Grabs one of its large eyes and violently shakes it as it spawns 10 smaller eyes that will shoot its target at a large range.
Titan Weeping Prophet

The Weeping Prophet.

Stage 2

Once the Weeping Prophet has less than 50% of his health, he will attack at a faster rate and move quickly. It will perform a new attack that can easily damage players in front or behind the Titan:

  • Laser Barrage: Both of the Prophet's eyes will drop to the ground as they shoot several lasers in all directions. Attacks both in front and behind the Prophet.


The Prophet can become a challenging boss if not dealt with correctly. Its eye spawns if left alone can deal massive damage very easily so dealing with them is instantly a priority. Some of the attacks can easily be avoided just by jumping (especially the new move in the second stage) so having some jumping ability can help.

Alternately players can use several tanking classes and stay at the corner of the arena. This can help in several ways:

  1. Having the boss face the corner will render most of its attacks useless, dealing little to no damage.
  2. Having it face the corner will make it spawn its minions outside the arena, making the eye spawn threat diminished significantly.


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